Real performance and ecommerce marketers take stage to provide mastermind-level content for all attendees. Be the first to know cutting-edge strategies and tactics that provide instant ROI on attending.

  • Vipul Garg
    Vipul Garg

    Co-Founder & CEO, vFulfill

  • Lawrence Tope
    Lawrence Tope

    Marketing Director, AdTiger

  • Manxiu (Mike) Zhang
    Manxiu (Mike) Zhang

    Co-Founder, Gleefull Supplements

  • Jess Vassallo
    Jess Vassallo

    Founder & Head of Growth, Evocative Media

  • Marisha Lakhiani
    Marisha Lakhiani

    Chief Growth Officer, Mindvalley

  • Nick Shackelford
    Nick Shackelford

    Co-Founder, Structured

  • Roman Khan
    Roman Khan


  • Carl Weische
    Carl Weische

    Founder, Accelerated

  • Liss Graham
    Liss Graham

    Email Marketing

  • Rory Flynn
    Rory Flynn

    Head of Client Acquisition, Commerce 12

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  • Nik Sharma
    Nik Sharma

    DTC Growth Authority

  • Kris Sugatan
    Kris Sugatan

    Viral TikTok Ads

  • Steve Tan
    Steve Tan

    9-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur

  • Matt Diggity
    Matt Diggity

    SEO M&A Expert

  • Mirella Crespi
    Mirella Crespi

    Ad Creative Factory

  • Sandeep Raj
    Sandeep Raj

    Senior VP at Lazada Group

  • Georgina Green
    Georgina Green

    Mobile App User Acquisition Specialist

  • Martin Kocandrle
    Martin Kocandrle

    Facebook Ads Attribution

  • Meagen Johnson
    Meagen Johnson

    Social Commerce Specialist

  • Alex Micol
    Alex Micol

    Launch & Scale $100K/Day Offers

  • Om Thoke
    Om Thoke

    Build & Rank High on Microsites

  • Nadim Kuttab
    Nadim Kuttab

    Native Ads Funnel Breakdown

  • Liss Graham
    Liss Graham

    Multi-Million Dollar Email List Management

  • Adis Pezerovic
    Adis Pezerovic

    Affiliate to World-Class DTC Brand Owner

  • Marin Ištvanić
    Marin Ištvanić

    $30M Plug & Play Facebook Ad Strategies

  • Joe Addona
    Joe Addona

    Head of Global Sales, Outbrain

  • Christopher Reader
    Christopher Reader

    Scaling YouTube Ads From $64M-$122M

  • Dayu Yang
    Dayu Yang

    China Supply Chain Expert

  • Hen Kinan
    Hen Kinan

    Viral Content Specialist

  • Andi Neunhäuserer
    Andi Neunhäuserer

    Native & Social Seasoned Performance Marketer

  • Natasha Willis
    Natasha Willis

    AI Chat Funnel Expert

  • Khawar Jamil Ur Rasool
    Khawar Jamil Ur Rasool

    Lead Generation in 2023

  • Dynh Nguyen
    Dynh Nguyen

    Veteran Native Affiliate and Content Mastermind

  • Ronnie Teja
    Ronnie Teja

    Google Impressions Strategy to 10X ROI

  • Danny Agurto
    Danny Agurto

    Director of Affiliate Strategy, Fluent

  • Anže Markovič
    Anže Markovič

    Winning Facebook Video Ad Hooks

  • Oksana Reutova
    Oksana Reutova

    Email: Acquisition & Retention

  • Giuseppe Buscema
    Giuseppe Buscema

    Native Ads Pioneer

  • Marco Guarracino
    Marco Guarracino

    Advertising Visionary

  • David Stodolak
    David Stodolak

    $5.7M Lead Gen Case Study

  • Robert Todeila
    Robert Todeila

    Facebook Marketer

  • Roberto Ghenu
    Roberto Ghenu

    Facebook Ads Specialist

  • Valentin Savchenko
    Valentin Savchenko

    TikTok Ad Review & Policy

  • Philipp Schoeffmann
    Philipp Schoeffmann

    Creator, 1M/Y

  • Gregory Elfrink
    Gregory Elfrink

    Director of Marketing, Empire Flippers

  • Tiz Gambacorta
    Tiz Gambacorta

    Email Marketer at Scale (2bn sends/year)


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