A Newbie No More: Scaling From 0-100 FAST (Secrets & Strategies Included)

A Newbie No More: Scaling From 0-100 FAST (Secrets & Strategies Included)

about the speaker

Kelly Ballard

Strategist, Precision Media Services •

STMForum: @stitch

Kelly is the latest Kiwi to hit the affiliate marketing block. This music graduate knew he needed some serious income, and fortunately found STM before the Warrior Forum found him. He began grinding out long hours running campaigns after (and during) classes, slowly clawing his way up the affiliate marketing walls – setting himself up perfectly for business to explode not long after graduation. Through his detailed and unique approach to technology, Kelly quickly developed several competitive advantages to separate himself from the herd. Leveraging these and the massive scalability of the internet, it didn’t take long at all for student loans and starving musician premonitions to evaporate into thin air.

the speech

AFFILIATE SECRETS EXPOSED: The journey upward in the affiliate industry can be much quicker than you think. Two fellas from little ol’ New Zealand just stepped it up in an explosive fashion, and one of them is about to pull back the covers exposing key pieces of their success. Actionable, practical, and delivered by a guy with a funny accent. Hold on tight – you won’t believe what’s coming.