How a Single Media Buyer can Build a $50,000,000+ Profitable Sellable “Business”

How a Single Media Buyer can Build a $50,000,000+ Profitable Sellable “Business”

about the speaker

Jason Akatiff

CEO & Founder, A4D •

STMForum: @Smax0r

Jason started as an affiliate back in 2003 after stumbling across a business opportunity (bizopp) ebook and its forum community. He started with Blackhat SEO and media buying based on what this ebook and community taught. Since then, he has founded four different companies in the affiliate marketing space. The most well known of these is the A4D Performance Network – an industry-leading whitehat affiliate network comprised of 2000+ merchants and 12,000+ media buying affiliates.

After 14 years in the business, he now invests most of his time into analysing market trends to create the future growth strategy for A4D. His mission is to work with and grow people who share his vision of building sustainable, compliant, and long term performance businesses.

the speech

The next 5 years is the best time in history for you to make this happen. Learn “3 Massive Market Shifts” that have taken the online marketing world by storm over the last 2 years. For years the tech, tools and traffic partners have been in an uphill battle that was not for the faint of heart, this has all changed. Now you can compete as a single entrepreneur that would have taken the work of 50 or a 100 people. Come learn some strategies we’re using at A4D, that I believe if you follow, can help you start building a $50,000,000+ business today! P.S. Using the skills you already have as a great media buyer and just a small tweak in strategy.