Can I leverage AI to create viral ads on Meta

The answer is yes — but not necessarily the way you think.

Kris Sugatan, Founder and CEO of, has combined the best of direct response principles and AI enhancements into a formula that has created multiple viral ads on Meta. And many of the components that used to take days or weeks now only take minutes with the right tools.

For example, before creating the ad itself, Kris finds a target market that is already passionate about the product or niche you’re selling to maximize the ad concept’s effectiveness. She also uses a proven five-part formula to craft the ad’s story:

5-Part Formula

All of these components will be familiar to anyone who has studied or created marketing videos before, but Kris emphasizes that the curiosity-driven concept and the unquestionable proof are crucial if an ad is going to go viral. The curiosity component hooks viewers and keeps them interested for the duration of the video, while the unquestionable proof overcomes the usual objections that would keep a prospect from buying.

Further, many of these elements can be improved and streamlined with AI in exciting new way.

πŸ˜“ Problem

Kris uses a combination of ChatGPT and Jungle Scout, a product research tool, to identify the problems that prospects are trying to solve.

In this example for a hair thickening product, Kris used ChatGPT to find the leading hair thickening sellers on Amazon and Jungle Scout to pull hundreds of reviews for those products. That information went back into ChatGPT for analysis, specifically to find the top problems buyers were looking to solve when they made their purchase:

Urgent Problem Example

Now Kris and her team understand the leading problems that the existing audience is trying to solve — in their own words, no less — and are able to target those who are already seeking treatment with video content.

🫑 Promise & Proof

The unique promise of your product will naturally be product-dependent, but the same ChatGPT analysis that provided your problem analysis can also help you find the specific solutions that buyers are looking for. In this case for hair-thickening products, buyers wanted a safe, effective, and permanent solution.

The flip side of the Promise coin is the unquestionable proof. This is where you overcome user objections by showing that the product works in real-time. In the hair-thickening product case, Kris used videos of users jumping in the pool or running their hands through their hair to prove that this particular solution actually worked.

πŸ€” The Curiosity Concept

Crafting a winning hook that piques viewers’ curiosity and holds their attention until the end of a video has always been one of the most difficult parts of cracking the viral ad formula. Fortunately, AI can help with this too.

Like the ad formula above, the AI prompt formula includes multiple components and will likely require multiple attempts to get the best results. You’ll need to provide ChatGPT with the voice and tone you want it to use, as well as specific instructions for the task:

Prompt Breakdown

Context about the audience and their pain points is also important, as well as some examples of the hooks and headlines you would like it to create:

Prompt Breakdown

After a few iterations and polishes, you should be able to get a workable video framework and script for a UGC or influencer post, which can be further tested and improved upon until your ad is capable of capturing views, clicks, and conversions by the millions.