How should native ad buyers and marketers leverage presell pages to engage and convert buyers?

According to Anna Gita, native marketers need to start using presell pages in tandem with Video Sales Letters (VSLs) – because if you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table.

What Are Presell Pages? πŸ“„

Presells are landing pages, or “pre-landers,” that bridge the gap between customers’ initial encounter with your product or brand and when they see your offer. Presell pages are short and should include a VSL that speaks directly to your target audience with a strong call to action.

4 Types of Presells That Work

1. Informative Content-Based Presells πŸ“°

Informative presells educate the audience about a particular problem or challenge they are facing and present helpful solutions. These presells leverage blog posts or educational videos to establish trust, positioning the affiliate marketer as an authority in the field.

Informative Content-Based Presells

By offering valuable insights and actionable tips, the audience becomes more receptive to the VSL offer, viewing it as a natural progression towards resolving their problem.

2. Review Presells ⭐️

Review presells take advantage of the audience’s natural tendency to gather information before they purchase something. These presells focus on reviewing and demonstrating the product or service. They point out what makes it special, what advantages they offer, etc.

Review Presells

The goal here is to give an unbiased viewpoint, build trust, and make the VSL offer seem like the best solution for the audience’s problem. This influences how they make up their minds and helps to sway their decision.

3. Case Study Presells πŸ“–

Case study presells are particularly effective when promoting products or services that have had a significant impact on customers’ lives. These presells showcase real-life examples, demonstrating how the product or service has helped individuals overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Case Study Presells

The use of compelling data, testimonials, and before-and-after stories reinforce the credibility and efficacy of the VSL offer, instilling confidence in potential customers.

4. Limited Time Offer Presells 🏷

Creating a sense of urgency is a highly effective technique when used correctly.

Limited Time Offer Presells

Limited-time offer presells play on the fear of missing out, urging the audience to take immediate action. By emphasizing the scarcity or time-sensitive nature of the VSL offer, these presells motivate potential customers to act immediately and seize the opportunity before it’s gone forever.

Optimizing Pre-Sells & VSLs with AI Tools

Marketers and affiliates can enhance pre-sell pages and VSLs by creating content and personalizing it with the right application of AI tools. For example, machine learning algorithms in platforms like Dynamic Yield and Adobe Experience Cloud can analyze behavioral data, demographic information, and other factors to deliver relevant and engaging ad content to individual users. Similarly, tools like Persado and Phrasee can generate ad copy that is tailored to engage and convert your target audience.