There’s a reason why Bangkok is continuously ranked the #1 most visited city in the world – Affiliate World Asia.

Jokes aside though, you can’t deny the draw to Bangkok, or in general, Thailand. So flying across the world for the opportunity to experience and explore such an exotic country (after attending Affiliate World) is nothing but a HUGE plus. We’ve had thousands of affiliate and ecommerce marketers join us multiple times. It’s the first event they mark in their calendar every year to end Q4 on a massive high.

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In no particular order, here are the top 12 reasons you won’t regret joining us at the number one performance marketing conference in Asia.

#11 – The Return of the Labs!

In July this year, we tested out our hyper-focused content and networking in Barcelona. We have found that jury is out and the labs are 100% here to stay.

After all, who doesn’t like curated content served up on a platter for them? Well, we’ll be giving you that plus a chance to mingle with the exact people you want to meet.

Facebook, Ecommerce, and Lead Generation Labs at AWA19

Facebook, Ecommerce, and Lead Generation Labs at AWA19

The focus this time around will be on:

  • Ecommerce: Building & Scaling Brand
  • Lead Generation & List Building
  • Facebook: Ad Buying & Creatives

For each niche, we will have some heavy hitters taking the stage, so you definitely won’t want to miss them.

#10 – Manual Bidding Versus the Machine: Results Revealed

We love bringing new names to the Affiliate World spotlight. This December, gracing the main stage for the first time ever is Savannah Sanchez.

For her presentation, she will be cooking up a specific campaign management experiment. She will be pairing Facebook ad buying experts using manual bidding versus “set it and forget it” CBO.

Savannah Sanchez, AWA19 Speaker

Savannah Sanchez, AWA19 Speaker

With the rumours of forced CBO, hopefully this will shed a positive light on what we are in for.

Who will win? Wo/man? Or the Machine?

#9 – Live Creative Contest With the One and Only: Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford has been getting press lately as being “the world’s leading Facebook Ads expert.” We’re not going to discredit him, he’s a beast, and if there were such a title, he would definitely be in the running.

Nick Shackelford, AWA19 Speaker

Nick Shackelford, AWA19 Speaker

With Nick, we’ll be shaking up the traditional keynote format and trying out something new. A creative contests with case studies of his own managed brands.

We’ll be polling the audience on their best guesses. Using Slido, they will get to vote on which of creative they think performed best. He will then reveal and walk you through the actual winners.

On top of that, Nick will be having a hot seat Q&A – so bring your questions! Finally, he’ll be capping off his session with where believes we’re heading for 2020 and how to best prepare.

#8 – Learn How a Superaffiliate Teamed up to Build an Ecommerce Brand Valued Now at Over $100m

Alex Tshering, a past speaker at Affiliate World in our early days, had since taken a growth role with Figs. A medical garment company within the US, he has grown their presence and has scaled them to over $100 million.

He’s going to share exactly how he did it by primarily using Facebook Ads. The tactics he will be revealing are not limited to those with large budgets. His principles can be applied to campaigns on all levels and spend.

#7 – Affiliate World’s Prized YouTube Phenom With Over 500k Views

Since his Affiliate World Asia debut in 2017, Earnest Epps has come back not only to speak but MC as well. Another first for him will be this December, where he will be taking the main stage!

Earnest Epps, AWA19 Speaker

Earnest Epps, AWA19 Speaker

Earnest is known for revisiting and redefining the original dropshipping method. Profiting off of high-ticket items (without overseas shipping) is just the tip with him.

In Bangkok, he’ll be covering advanced methods of Google Shopping. Plus, exploring some of his hidden secrets on broader AdWords campaigns.

#6 – Learn How Lead Generation Disrupted the Finance Industry

Anthony Sarandrea is recognised as one of the top customer generators in the world. Within the US, he has built a finance brand  that has toppled many household name brands.

Anthony Sarandrea, AWA19 Speaker

Anthony Sarandrea, AWA19 Speaker

Anthony is consistently featured as one of the top “under 30 years old” entrepreneurs. He was also featured alongside Snapchat’s founder, Evan Spiegel, as one of the “entrepreneurs that are changing the world”.

He will be taking the stage to show you principles that can be applied to every lead generation campaign in any vertical. Don’t miss it!

#5 – World-Renowned Nightlife and More

If only we had access to the conference hotel’s sprinkler system. Why? We would use that each morning as the clock strikes 9, get everyone out of bed, and down to the show.

There will always be stragglers.

AWA19 is shaping up to be another banger for nightlife. In fact, the big networks already lining up their massive parties for all attendees!

World-renowned nightlife and parties at AWA19

World-renowned nightlife and parties at AWA19

Bangkok Bash, Clickdealer, and Media500 – all HEAVY hitters. There will be no shortage of night events to make sure our night owl attendees are all taken care of.

Don’t forget, we always save a night for AW to throw an event, and this time we’ve outdone ourselves once again. Think last AWA, but even better.

Yes, there will be another briefcase full of cash.

#4 – Mixers for Networking With Your People

As mentioned, we will be having our Labs again, and with that, comes mixers dedicated to each topic.

Networking Mixers at AWA19

Networking Mixers at AWA19 

If you’re interested in Facebook ads, ecommerce, or lead generation – then catch their mixers! Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs over what you’re experiencing. Find others who can help with any issues or flex over new strategies. Maybe even end up finding a connection to continue the conversation with after the show.

The point is to go home with a bigger tribe than you came with.

#3 – Start to Finish Cash on Delivery Workshop

We’re setting up a 1 hour workshop for attendees to learn all about COD.

What products are working? Which geos are hot? What networks have the best offers? Best traffic sources? You name it, we’ll cover it.

To take place on our breakout stage, we are going to have it broken down into areas of focus depending on your level. Regardless of if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced affiliate – leave with a full-suite approach to COD.

#2 – Discount for All Attendees to Access a Full-Day Amazon Conference

For a full day of content, we’ve launched Sellers World Conference for day 3! It is a full day packed with carefully curated content for Amazon sellers of all sizes.

Sellers World Conference: The Premier Conference for Amazon Sellers

Sellers World Conference: The Premier Conference for Amazon Sellers

The morning workshop is for beginners. It will focus on store setup and product selection. The rest of the day will cover a variety of topics – such as product launches, private labelling, algorithm hacks, exit strategies, and much, MUCH more.

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#1 – Be a Part of Something BIG!

Since our first Affiliate World, four years ago in Bangkok, we’ve come a long way. We are now on pace to blow past AWA18 by over 700 attendees. That’s nearly double our normal growth rate.

Be a part of something BIG at Affiliate World Asia 2019

Be a part of something BIG at Affiliate World Asia 2019

There’s something in the water, something’s coming, we can feel it!

Be sure not to miss Affiliate World Asia this December. Buy your tickets, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

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BONUS: Become a Better Copywriter in One Hour

Being able to craft compelling messages or brand stories that make people click and buy. Is this not a well-sought after skill in the performance marketing world?

Regardless of if you are an affiliate, ecommerce entrepreneur, agency owner, sales rep, etc. – copywriting is an essential tool.

Heath Wilcock, AWA19 Speaker

Heath Wilcock, AWA19 Speaker

We’re bringing back Heath Wilcock, MC and speaker from AWE. He will be taking the stage to share his exact methods on his approach to copywriting.

These will be simple but effective methods, taught classroom style. So bring anything you’re currently working on and be sure to hammer him with questions.

Just when you thought the reasons above were going to be enough, here’s one more:

Dive Into a Market of Opportunity

For two full days, it will be home to over 250+ top-tiered companies from all over the world. Stroll the Market, connect, and set up meetings to your advantage with our choice pick of advertisers, networks, traffic sources, tracking solutions, and more.

For affiliate and ecommerce marketers, this is THE conference to end the year with a bang. With 48 hours to enjoy Affiliate World Asia, there will be plenty of time for game-changing networking, learning, and partying.

If you’ve already got your pass, that is awesome! If not, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today! >> Get My AWA19 Pass Now