How can you continue to grow and write your own success story as a media buyer in 2023 and beyond?

Nick Shackelford (Co-Founder, Structured & Konstant Kreative), who was so ashamed that someone thought he was DJ Khaled at a prior AW event that he almost didn’t come back, returned to share new thoughts (and his new look) with the Affiliate World audience.

He uncovered 5 lessons that he’s used to go from a media buyer to an agency owner to a straight-up mogul.

πŸš€ 5 Growth & Acquisition Secrets for 2023

1️⃣ Standardize Core Systems & Processes

Understand and clearly articulate the systems you use to get clients, grow your network, create offers, and retain your partners.

If you don’t have these systems, your agency won’t be able to build and expand effectively.

2️⃣ Systematize Your Media Buying (and Everything Else)

Simplify your account structures, overall creative testing, and any other areas that you can streamline.

This will make it easier for your team to learn new aspects of the business and stay within the team.

3️⃣ Set Up Clear Communication Protocols

Take the time to establish proper communication etiquette, especially if you’re working with teams that are offshore. Some clients or team members may be surprised to find that they are working with international talent, which may require some relationship-management conversations.

Also, explicitly state the specific tone that you want your team to maintain when they communicate on platforms such as Slack. This is especially important if you have public or shared channels with clients or third-party vendors.

Finding partners

4️⃣ Incentivize Your Team The Right Way(s)

Encourage and motivate your team members with a variety of factors.

Financial incentives like a percentage of paid spend and base pay are important, but so are opportunities to advance, team management, time flexibility, and more.

5️⃣ Consider Strategic Acquisitions

Business growth doesn’t always happen organically, nor should it.

If your team would be better served by acquiring another business than creating something yourself, a strategic acquisition might be the right choice if your budget can cover it.

If you’re looking to buy tech or another team, ask yourself some key questions.

  • Does it make strategic sense for your vision?
  • Are you the best person to build it?
  • Can you make money immediately and maintain quality while integrating different competencies?

By answering these questions, you can decide if an acquisition is right for you.