How should I use AI to make actionable improvements to ad campaigns?

Marisha Lakhiani, Chief Growth Officer at Mindvalley, is using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to get actionable insights about buyers, increase ROI, and scale campaigns efficiently. She revealed her methods at a recent Affiliate World event, and her first tip is to…

1️⃣ Use ChatGPT to Turn Data Into Actionable Insights

For affiliates, the days of manually cleaning sheets to analyze data are gone. Just upload your spreadsheets into ChatGPT and it can clean and analyze your data in seconds so that you can make strategic decisions based on that information quickly.

Simple prompts like “Provide a detailed description of what time of day the most sales come in” or “suggest suitable visualization techniques based on the nature of my data” make it easier to understand what you’re looking at and turn that data into insights.

In this example, Marisha and her team used ChatGPT to generate a heatmap based on their sales data, which identified sales peaks and CPM dips by hour of the day and day of the week:

Sales Heatmap

These real-time insights made it possible to scale more quickly – with the help of a few more AI-based tools.

2️⃣ Scale Faster with Google App Scripts

Tracking sales data is useful, but turning that data around quickly enough to make real-time decisions about ad spend is a competitive edge that most media buyers can’t claim today.

Marisha and her team found a workaround with Google App Scripts. By pulling ad platform and payment gateway data into Google Sheets with a Google app script, they were able to leverage the ChatGPT analysis explained above in faster feedback loops for rapid scaling:

Process Flow

For example, the data showed that generic creative assets were underperforming, so they pivoted to product-driven creatives that lowered CPM and increased engagement by 800% – all with AI-generated outputs that only took a few hours to create.

Those feedback loops also revealed that although the ad platforms were spending equally throughout the day, peak sales only happened a few times per day. This set the stage for another AI tool – smart scheduling.

3️⃣ Increase ROI with Smart Budget Scheduling

Marisha and her team realized through ChatGPT’s analysis that peak times for one client’s sales occurred between 11pm and 3am, which made it the best time to scale.

They used Meta Budget Scheduling to increase daily budget by 50% for that four-hour period, generating a 4x ROAS increase for the day in comparison to days without budget scheduling:

4x ROAS Increase

One way to make this strategy even more effective is to ask ChatGPT to break your data down by country to find the biggest sales spikes. You can also ask for recommendations to cluster similar time zones together in order to stretch your peak sales window even further.