Are you having a tough time finding cheap clicks?

Privacy protocols and other changes in digital marketing have made finding the right audience at the right price harder than ever.

So what’s the answer? Two words: email marketing.

Email marketing still generates an average of $36 in ROI for every $1 spent. And if you can find untapped sources for your ideal buyers’ email addresses, email marketing works great.

Lists based on that traffic are more reliable than prospects that come from Facebook, Google, or other third-party platforms — and they’re easier to monetize because there’s no go-between.

C4 Traffic CEO and lead gen expert Chris Thomas revealed his three essentials for email marketing that works today. With his reverse-engineered CPM rental formula, you can boost your earnings per click and generate sustainable success.

The three pillars of Chris’s formula are:

  1. Hunt Down Your Traffic Source
  2. List Building and Sweepstakes
  3. Autoresponses and Monetizing Your List

🔱 Pillar One: Hunt Down The Traffic Source

To find these untapped traffic sources, you’ll need to get into the mindset of your ideal customer. Use Google to search for specific questions your customer is asking. Look for unique results and high-quality content.

The websites that come up on the first page of Google will be your traffic sources.

cat niche email marketing

Enter those websites into and look for high levels of direct traffic and a technology stack that includes an email service provider so you can be sure that they have what you need. (SimilarWeb provides this information for free, by the way.)

Finally, use to find those website owners’ email addresses and contact them to inquire about “renting” their email lists as a partner or third-party sponsor.

renting email lists

This is hard work, but in Chris’s experience, you’ll eventually find business owners who want to monetize their email lists more effectively — and for them, you’ll be a knight in shining armor because you’ll open up a revenue stream that they didn’t know existed.

🔱 Pillar Two: List Building With Sweepstakes

Once you’ve set up a partnership with a willing website owner, you can start building your list with a simple sweepstakes flow.

email marketing sweepstakes flow

It starts with the website owner, or publisher, sending your sweepstakes offer to their list. Because you know what this audience wants, you’ll want to provide a high-quality offer to ensure maximum engagement.

When those subscribers open, click, and opt-in, they become your subscribers. And now you can add them to a well-crafted email flow to nurture them with valuable content before you incentivize conversions down the funnel.

🔱 Pillar Three: Autoresponses & Monetizing Your List

At this stage, your new list is starting to grow. And you’ll want to send an automated confirmation of the subscriber’s opt-in as the first message in your flow.

Not only does this establish trust with the user, but the high open rates that these emails generate also demonstrate your credibility to ISPs and email servers, which boosts your domain authority and maximizes deliverability.

Chris recommends following that up with aggressive but genuinely high-value content in an email sequence that goes out every other day for two weeks. This will keep your list active and engaged.

Finally, you can monetize this list with a variety of ecommerce offers like free-plus-shipping, best sellers, or limited-time sales. And once you have established authority in your niche, you can start running your own third-party advertisements within your newsletter content. If that’s not a win-win we don’t know what is.

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