What if one ad could transform your business? Not a campaign, not a product line, but your whole business?

Jordan Menard (Motif Digital Founder & CEO) has done just that with multiple ecommerce and DTC brands, and he revealed what he learned at the recent Affiliate World Conference in Dubai.

A Simple 3-Part Structure For Narrative D2C Ads

Narrative ads are story-based ads told from the first-person POV, usually illustrating some type of transformation.

Why do these ads work so well?

Because narrative ads are built to connect with the customer. You don’t need high production – in fact, sometimes high production hinders a great ad.

Jordan and his team used this simple formula to create a script that, after some fine-tuning, increased his DTC client’s year-over-year growth by 582%.

👁 Grab attention

The first 3 seconds of a narrative ad should immediately grab attention. It has to halt what they’re doing and stop the scroll.

Measure this by looking at scroll stop or 3-second video views divided by impressions.

🦵 Kick the bruise

Make the viewer feel the pain of the problem the product solves. Agitate specific issues related to the problem, like cost, inconvenience, or lack of quality.

🌉 Build the bridge

Show how your product solves the problem and explain what life feels like after the problem is solved. That second component is essential because nothing is stronger than transformation.

If you can make people feel what it would be like not to be afflicted by the problem that is currently plaguing them, you are 99% on the way to a conversion.

As a long-time media buyer, Jordan says that the future of the industry is clear — making good ads will be the most important differentiator for success.

One good ad can outperform even the savviest media buying tactics, especially as black box campaigns like Performance Max become more prevalent.