“It’s tough to make predictions,” a wise man once said, “especially about the future.”

If anyone knows what’s coming for digital marketers in 2023 and beyond, however, it’s Neil Patel and Eric Siu, featured speakers at a recent Affiliate World event.

Neil and Eric dropped 5️⃣ forecasts that you can use now – before they become yesterday’s news.

🤖 On The Future of AI

Neil and Eric are optimistic about the future of AI, but there are some red flags that have prevented them from introducing it into their systems on a large scale.

The first big issue with generative AI tools like ChatGPT is that AI is only as good as its data set.

Google, Microsoft, and other platforms have a lot of inaccurate data in their search engines. Any time you search, some of the results are probably inaccurate within the first few pages. And if AI is crawling inaccurate data and giving responses based on that, then some of those responses will be wrong.

Google Bard is a recent example. When it first came out, someone spotted a mistake in one of Bard’s responses, and Google’s stock tanked by over a billion dollars. That will take a long time to fix over the next few years.

✍️ On The Future of Content Marketing

Even if you crank out content using AI, search engines and social platforms are already good at sifting through the noise. Creating content isn’t enough. It has to be amazing and unique.

Content today needs EEAT – Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. And that’s hard to produce with AI alone.

You can leverage tools like ChatGPT for some tasks like generating blog topics or email subject lines, but you’ll still need to modify the content manually to make it unique and amazing.

🛠 On The Future of Marketing Tools

Instead of focusing on finding the right tool, focus on data collection. Data is becoming more fragmented, and unless you’re storing it in one central place like Google Data Studio, it will be hard to get actionable insights.

That’s where you can actually use AI – to help you analyze all your analytics data.

👩‍💻 On The Future of SEO

SEO is not going to be replaced by AI any time soon. AI can help you do your SEO job faster and more efficiently so you can spend more time on things like content or link building. But SEO is not going to die as long as people keep searching.

📈 On The Future of Scaling

A lot of businesses grow to a decent size with just one channel, but to build a big company, you need an omnichannel approach, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Google Search, Bing, podcast ads, affiliate marketing – you have to leverage all the channels. Some will drive a lot, some will drive a little, but it’s a numbers game.