5,547 attendees2,700 companies, and 212 exhibitors from 117 countries joined AW Europe.

The event was packed with valuable discussions at the marketplace, eye-opening insights during sessions, and legendary networking parties. πŸŽ‰

It’s unfortunate that you had to miss it. πŸ˜”

But don’t worry! We’ve compiled some noteworthy lessons from the conference for you. πŸ‘‡

1. John Moran | Google Ads Case Study: How We Leveraged CRM Data to Scale Spend By 5X and Reduce Wasted Ad Spend by 80%

John Moran

Want to optimize your Google Ads with real, trackable data? John Moran breaks down how to do just that using paid search.

βœ… Understanding the Algorithm: Analyze your customer’s journey from lead generation to closure. Understanding this path allows for accurate data importation into Google Ads and more effective adjustments to the ad budget.

βœ… 80/20 Traffic Distribution Rule: Aim for 80% of your clicks to come from cold traffic and 20% from branded. While both should be scaled, the emphasis should be on increasing the volume of fresh (cold) leads.

βœ… Test and Refine: The process of leveraging CRM data to scale ad spend and reduce waste is iterative. Continually test and refine your strategies based on your metrics and findings. Learn from what’s working, cut out what’s not, and always be open to new approaches and improvements.

2. Mirella Crespi | Cracking Meta Reels For Direct Response: Proven Ad Types, Account Structures, and Iteration Principles to Maximize Results

Mirella Crespi

No more wondering what makes or breaks a Meta ad. Mirella Crespi shares how to craft direct response ads that drive results.

βœ…  Utilize B-Roll Footage: Capture as much B-roll footage as you can during the ad creation process. B-roll footage can be used in various parts of the video and allows for more iterations and flexibility in the ad.

βœ… Iteration: Constantly iterating your ads helps beat creative fatigue and maximize profitability. This requires a continuous stream of refreshing creatives that resonate with your audience and also deploying differentiated creatives to unlock new audiences.

βœ… Reels-Specific Iterations: On reels, testing new hooks (combination of ‘what why’ message with scroll-stopping visual) can help unlock new audiences. Other ways to iterate on reels include making shorter/longer versions, changing audio, adjusting video sequences, and using different talents.

3. Rory Flynn | Hacking Visual Content Creation With Midjourney: Learn to Captivate Audiences, Streamline Operations, and Produce Unprecedented Creativity

Rory Flynn

Learn how to captivate audiences, streamline operations, and produce unprecedented creativity with Rory Flynn’s AI strategies.

βœ… Master the Art of the Prompt: The most crucial aspect of using Midjourney is understanding and crafting effective prompts. Clear and direct prompts lead to clear and direct outputs. Ambiguous prompts lead to ambiguous results. Remember that important elements should be at the beginning of the prompt.

βœ… Experiment with Various Subject Matters: Midjourney’s AI can create a wide array of images – from lifestyle photos to banners, ads, and even storyboard elements. The scope is broad, encompassing food, real estate, email design, landing pages, social media assets, product photography and more.

βœ… Use ChatGPT to Scale: By combining the power of ChatGPT with Midjourney, you can automate the creation of numerous prompts. This way, you can create large amounts of images in less time.

4. Dayu Yang | [Case Study] How SHEIN Became a $100B Brand Using the Same Supply Chain Strategies as Dropshippers (and How You Can Replicate Them)

Dayu Yang

Ever wonder how SHEIN was able to crush its biggest competitors (Zara, H&M) in virtually no time and without any stores? Dayu Yang took the AW Europe stage to unveil the secret.

βœ… Leverage Data Analytics: SHEIN uses data analytics to predict consumer buying behavior and forecast trends. It’s essential to invest in data analytics tools or services to better understand your customers, their preferences, and market trends.

βœ… Adopt a Robust Online Marketing Strategy: SHEIN heavily relies on influencers, social media, and other online marketing tools. It’s essential to stay active and engaged on various social media platforms and collaborate with influencers to increase brand visibility and customer engagement.

βœ… Focus on Customer Experience: SHEIN provides an easy-to-navigate website and quick delivery. As a dropshipper, you should ensure a seamless shopping experience, from browsing to purchase, to delivery.

5. Anna Gita | From VSL to Native Ads: Transforming Engaging Video Elements Into Powerful Pre-Sells With Personalization & AI Optimization

Ana Gita

Learn Ana Gita’s strategy to build engaging landers that leave a lasting impression and drive maximum ROI for your native campaigns.

βœ… Prioritize High-Quality Content: Emphasize on creating engaging content that’s relevant and valuable to your audience. This includes creating compelling headlines, clear calls to action, and utilizing crisp, attractive imagery.

βœ… Test and Optimize Your Campaigns: Regularly testing different elements of your campaigns like headlines, thumbnails, and calls to action can significantly impact your campaign’s success. Measure and analyze the results to know what works and what doesn’t.

βœ… Utilize Automated Bidding: AI tools like Google Ads smart bidding, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and iTrade can automate your bidding process, allowing you to bid on inventory in line with your campaign objectives and budget.