This year’s Affiliate World Asia was our biggest conference yet! Imagine over six thousand of the affiliate industry all in one place. The event was packed with deals from exhibitors, networking opportunities at the marketplace, legendary parties, and eye-opening insights during sessions.

Let’s take a look back at some noteworthy speeches. πŸ‘‡

1. Marisha Lakhiani | 5 Simple Tests That Will 10X Your VSL Revenue: Creative Hooks, Sales Page Optimization, and Pricing Tactics

Marisha Lakhiani

Mindvalley Chief Growth Officer, Marisha Lakhiani revealed her best pricing tactics to lift VPC by over 40%.

  • Find a price point that brings into the funnel enough new customers with the willingness to pay at a positive True ROAS
  • Apply localized pricing to boost VPC
  • Test tiered pricing
  • Optimize the order menu (how to display pricing, reviews, product images, fonts, button colour, etc)
  • Add a guarantee next to the order menu

2. Rory Flynn | 1 Prompt = 1,000 Ads: Hacking Midjourney to Make High-Converting Ads

Rory Flynn slide

Rory Flynn (Co-Founder, explained how to reverse engineer to asset hack and produce new assets at scale using AI tools.

  • Take the original image into ChatGPT
  • Ask ChatGPT to describe the image as a world-winning professional photographer with extreme technical detail
  • Enter the prompt into Midjourney as well as the original image to find the most accurate prompt breakdown
  • Change the subject or environment or shot type to create variations = hacked assets
  • You can use Figma for templates that will be used as frames around your MJ outputs for instance to add a CTA button and brand logo
  • Organize the image and copy variations in Google Sheets
  • Use CopyDoc plugin to combine the MJ images, Figma templates and the copy from the Google Sheets.

3. [Google Session] Power Your Business With Google Insights on Full-Funnel Performance Marketing

Google Session

We unraveled the latest Google secrets straight from the source!

Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal (New Business Sales Head & OneAcquisitions Country Lead, Google) and Shahzeb Feroz (Principal Account Manager, Google) talked about Google AI’s latest developments.

  • Google AI helps find the best customers, refine messaging to make it more relevant, and tighten the measurement loops, increasing profitability
  • Google AI is an enabler, but what makes the optimization most efficient is actually the account management structure

4. Zach Murray | Crushing Creative Burnout: The $1M TikTok Blueprint For Systemized Creative Testing & Scaling That Will 4X Your ROAS

Zach Murray slide

Zach Murray (Founder,, broke down 4 quick ways to improve CTR on TikTok.

  • Add overlay text throughout the creative to retain attention
  • Cut every 1-2 seconds to improve engagement
  • Add more scenes and locations to your videos
  • Cut the creative down to get to the CTA quicker

5. [Meta Ads Panel]  8-Figure Meta Ad Lessons on Creative Strategies, Campaign Setups, & Best Practices For Scale

Meta Ads Panel

Carl Weische (Founder, Accelerated), Marisha Lakhiani (Chief Growth Officer, Mindvalley), and Nick Shackelford (Founder, BREZ) shared their hot takes on Meta Ads.

  • Media Buyers understand consumer psychology and marketing, but data analysis will be taken out of the equation more and more because of AI – Carl
  • The days of quantity testing are being replaced by quality/creative testing – Marisha
  • Even with TikTok Shop, TikTok won’t ever be able to top (spend on) Meta Ads – Nick