How can you build and monetize an online following at scale?

John Lee has built a passive income empire through strategic affiliate marketing and a multi-million-strong follower count. He recently shared some of his secrets for increasing followers and generating recurring revenue from the Affiliate World stage.

5 Tips For Adding Followers & Expanding Reach

The best affiliate opportunities have an organic effect that continues to play out over time. John identified five specific tactics that affiliates can use to generate these multipliers with content creation and AI tools – and that don’t require extra work on the back-end.

1️⃣ Short-Form Content Gets Attention

Get top-of-funnel attention by creating long-form content and using AI to cut it up into short-form content that you can schedule for publication and boost daily. Algorithms across platforms don’t penalize you for publishing duplicate short-form content, and doing so can create a multiplier effect that further expands your reach. User-generated content and micro-influencers are particularly useful for creating this content.

Further, by tracking interactions through notifications on posts, Stories, and Reels, you can retarget those profiles with high-converting ads knowing that they are interested in your offer.

Pro Tip: Create more views by making your first and last video frame the same. Multple views leads to additional watches, which expands reach and goes viral.

Finally, put affiliate links in short-form videos to further generate even more traffic, followers, and revenue as your videos’ reach expands.

2️⃣ Long-Form Content Gets Conversions

Creating a YouTube channel and documenting your offer, services, or process with videos is a useful place to start creating long-form content that will convert. Also, when those videos are ready for publication, you can get an AI-assisted transcript and add it to the video in the back-end to generate SEO data for those videos.

Tracking protocols also allow you to retarget users who watched at least 50% of your long-form videos, which is another opportunity to convert prospects at a higher rate for a lower ad spend.

3️⃣ Automated Live Shops

Connect all of your brand’s social live streams through Restream, and schedule your content to play on a loop 24/7. This establishes a de facto sales team on all of your social profiles and can also include an affiliate link.

As the video views multiply organically, more people will click and convert without any additional effort or output on your part.

4️⃣ Geo-Targeting in Native Languages

When you have winning videos and affiliate products, you can upload your best performers into a tool called that will convert that video into any language.

With that newly updated batch of videos, you can start geo-targeting specific areas with Facebook Ads and enter markets that were previously unavailable – again, creating multiplier effects that will further expand your brand’s reach.

️5️⃣ Create Virtual Brand Ambassadors

John cited the proliferation of AI avatars and influencers on platforms as another opportunity to add followers and build communities.

ChatGPT prompts and image generators can create artificial personas who resemble the audiences you want to target, and you can use those avatars to generate and publish content and build followers through multiple managed profiles.

Again, including affiliate links in this content expands distribution organically, which reduces the need for marketing spend. Virtual collaborations and product placement can further monetize these profiles.