What if you had a content strategy so powerful that you could generate $100,000 from a single organic Instagram post?

Dot Lung has done it! πŸ™Œ She uses a proven formula to generate drool-worthy results and save millions on Meta Ads.

Naturally, the formula’s name is DRAGONS. And the best part? She generously shared her blueprint in a recent Affiliate World speech.

The DRAGONS Ad Formula 🐲

The DRAGONS Ad Formula

1. Dialogue πŸ’¬

The “D” in DRAGONS stands for dialogue, which means having conversations on social platforms. Mastering conversation is the first step to a successful ad strategy on social channels because it creates connections and builds relationships.

Further, dialogue is connected to visibility on channels like Instagram. The more real-world conversations you have, the more engagement and trust you’re going to build.

2. Relatability 🀝

When it comes to social performance, relatability is directly correlated with likability.

If you create relatable content that accumulates likes, the algorithm will recognize that your content is relevant, because it generates a reaction.

3. Authenticity πŸ’―

The ability to present content in an authentic way becomes very important as you move into international markets.

Dot provided an example of a tech company that was paying about $400 per app install in Japan. Their campaign was based around an ad that looked like it was copy-and-pasted from an English-speaking campaign, which didn’t resonate with the market.

After some research, Dot and her team were able to launch an ad that spoke the same visual language as the clients they were trying to reach.

After Geo-localization & Adaptation πŸ‘‡

After Geo-localization & Adaptation Ad

The new ad campaign lowered the client’s cost per install by 35%, saving them about $7 million in that market alone.

4. Gift 🎁

“Gifting” is another form of social media currency. The more value you share and provide, the more attention and engagement you will draw.

This will bring in more likes, create more conversations, and prod the algorithm to boost your posts.

5. Opinion πŸ‘„

Sharing your opinions, values, and beliefs on social media is another key to generating engagement, leads, and a following for your brand.

Like it or not, polarizing comments will draw in like-minded people and repel those who don’t share your interests and the culture you’re trying to cultivate.

❌ Don’t be negative or toxic, but position yourself as a thought leader and own your point of view to create a connected community.

6. Niche πŸ’Ž

The only way your campaigns will succeed is if you solve a specific problem for a specific person.

Draw from the conversations you’ve started and the feedback you’ve received to use the same language your audience does to frame the problem and share your product as the solution.

7. Serve (to Sell) 🏷

The final piece of the DRAGONS puzzle used to be “sales,” but Dot realized that a better fit at this stage is “service.”

If you approach your audience from a place of service – “we want to help you solve a problem, not just take your money” – the other components will become that much more effective.

Your conversations will be more effective, your opinions will be more valuable, your content will appear more relatable – and you’ll be able to tell stories that engage emotionally.