Writing YouTube Ads that convert can be challenging.

That’s why this script formula from entrepreneur and marketing specialist Christopher Reader is a game-changer. He’s used it to generate 8+ figures, and you can too!

All you need to start is a YouTube video with stock footage that looks like your target audience and a few hooks that have worked for you on other platforms. From there, Christopher’s nine keys to a high-converting YouTube Ads script begin with:

1. Pattern Interruption 😳

Everything starts with a visible and audible hook. You need a “pattern interrupter” that stops prospects from clicking “Skip Now” after the first five seconds.

Use weird, gross, or curiosity-provoking imagery paired with ad copy to qualify and engage prospects right away.

pattern interrupt youtube ads

2. What’s In It For Them? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Tell your viewers why they should watch this video and what they will get out of it if they watch the whole thing.

3. Agitate The Pain Points with Your YouTube Ads πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

To capture your ideal buyers, you need to draw attention to their pain points so that they know you understand the problems they’re facing.

4. Provide The Solution & Results 🀩

This is where you introduce your product or offer as the solution that will change your prospects’ lives for the better.

solution results christopher reader

The transition from the pain points should be seamless, and you can incorporate credibility and social proof here.

5. Establish Authority πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

Authority is often built into the pain points and solution, such as mentioning sources like doctors, scientists, or researchers. But if you haven’t clearly stated why your brand and product are credible, this is the place to do it.

A few quick tips on YouTube Ads authority:

  • Male voiceovers tend to outperform female voices, possibly due to subconscious biases
  • Write ad copy in the third person
  • Write as if you’re an established authority on the subject

6. New Opportunity 🎁

How is this different from everything else they’ve tried before?

Use your unique hooks to explain why this is unlike previous offers.

7. Value Perception πŸ’Έ

At this stage, your prospects might think that all of these benefits and features are out of their price range, so you need to make it clear that your offer is a good deal.

Offset price concerns by explaining that without your product, your prospects will waste more time and money trying to unsuccessfully replicate the benefits you’re selling.

value proposition youtube ads

8. Social Proof πŸ«‚

Add short, benefit-focused testimonials if you haven’t already. One form of social proof that works for these ads is telling prospects that “X number of people are already using” your product and that they should join them.

Also, use an image or video of your ideal demographic on the screen with the testimonial copy.

9. Urgency / Call To Action πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Finish strong. Create a sense of urgency now that your prospects are primed. Tell them that this offer won’t last or something to that effect.

Finally, add one last call to action. You should have other CTAs in your copy too, but one at the end is essential to direct your audience to their next step.

And speaking of calls to action…

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