See how one of the biggest media buyers in the affiliate industry buys up tons of traffic and converts it using 100% white hat marketing techniques. The biggest traffic sources are always ready to disapprove ads and ban accounts, so the question becomes how can affiliates pass the moderation process legally and stay at the top of the industry when the digital era of sweepstakes is over?

Speech by Olga Havrylyuk | CMO, TerraLeads

Olga Havrylyuk Speech Transcript

Hello everyone! I’m glad to see so many of you here gathered today. And I’m glad to be standing here on this grand stage.

So excited, so nervous. So many people, so many bright minds in the affiliate industry.

As you can see from the topic of my speech, the main thing I’m gonna touch today is white hat.

I’m gonna share with you some insights on two important things today.

The first thing regards promotion of nutra offers, white nutra offers, which can lead you to earn thousands of dollars per month. And, being actually able to generate your first million dollars quickly.

The second thing I’m gonna talk about today is about white hats real situation in affiliate marketing and what path it should move in terms of our own understanding of white hats.

We’ll also learn how to lower the risks of your accounts getting banned and help them live longer.

As you can see from the current situation in affiliate marketing, there are two sides.

There are affiliates that are in all possible ways trying to advertise black products and they sometimes forget about honesty and integrity.

On the other side, there are such reputable sources of traffic as Google Adwords and Facebook and others that are making up different moderation algorithms.

They are improving them so that such grey ad campaigns and accounts cannot pass the moderation process.

Website Payment Scheme

Another inefficient methodology that affiliates used until recently and keep using until now, some of them, are the website payment schemes.

The cons of these website payment schemes are the long web forms the user should fill in. The mandatory condition to leave one’s payment information and pay right away, which leads to lack of trust from the customers and eventually less potential customers.

Probably the biggest mistake affiliates can do is refusing to find on the internet some white products to advertise the products that would provide upselling and benefit to the end customer that people would be talking about. Agree?

High-quality products don’t need much advertisement; they can simply sell themselves.

All of the above-mentioned sore spots lead to such consequences that affiliates face every day. They are forced to spend an average of 72 hours preparing creatives that would be able to pass the moderation process in Facebook and Google.

They face constant repurchases of ad accounts and constant purchases of domain names. They have to look for new systems of e-payments due to their accounts getting banned all the time.

Now let’s imagine that you want to earn your first million dollars. And for this, you will have to set up at least 100 ad campaigns.

And now, multiply all the above-mentioned sore spots a hundred times. How does it feel? Not cool at all.

How To Generate Your First Million Dollars

So in order for you to be able to generate your first million dollars and earn the way you want to earn, we advise you to advertise high-quality products that will bring benefit to the end customer.

We advise you to localise your landing pages and translate them into the given language of the country you’re advertising in.

We also encourage you to play by the rules introduced by Google AdWords, by Facebook and other traffic sources.

And we encourage you to work via cash-on-delivery, which actually brings more leads and more potential customers.

Our media buy-in team, together with one of our major partners, have kindly prepared some tips for you that can help you buy much traffic in Europe and scale the traffic in this region.

Tip 1: Advertise White Products That Do Bring Value To The Customer

So the first tip is, advertise white products that do bring value to the customer. As I already mentioned, the majority of affiliates and CPA networks use different grey and black techniques to advertise black products on the internet.

And in turn, the product itself, 90% of the time, doesn’t meet quality standards and doesn’t bring any value to the customer.

But these times are coming to an end as corporations like Facebook, they introduce more strict rules. And so, such ad accounts are getting banned more frequently.

For this, we advise promoting white products that will bring benefit to the end customer which people will be talking about, spreading through word of mouth.

If I, for example, buy a product and I’m satisfied with it, and this product can help me solve my skin or hair problems, it is very likely that I will advise it to my friend.

Therefore raising the brand awareness of the product.

So the next time my friend sees that ad on the internet of that product, it is very likely that he or she will remember that this is a good product to buy. The likelihood that the order will be made multiplies a couple of times.

Tip 2: Comply With The Policies

The next tip we’re gonna share with you is complying with the policies. Facebook and Google AdWords have some new rules for advertising.

The more reading, the more understanding.

You should not just flip through the rules but read them thoroughly a couple of times. Make sure you understand everything and follow the rules.

The most common reason for your accounts getting banned is a simple lie.

When you place untruthful promises that a 70-year-old granny will turn a 20-year-old beauty to the next morning. Or when you guarantee 100% results, though none of us can be sure of anything for 100%.

For this, we advise replacing such specific phrases with more common ones, like, “After two weeks of using this product you will 100% get rid of acne”, replaced with, “Using this product will quickly get rid of acne.”

Or “Guarantees results in 95% of cases” to “Wonderful results.”

You might think that after having applied these changes the conversion will fall heavily and your campaign will just crash. But our own experience shows that the conversion doesn’t change. Negatively, it has no impact at all.

Tip 3: Have Access To The Landing Pages You’re Going To Advertise

The third tip we are going to share with you has access to the landing pages you’re going to advertise. It’s not a secret for anyone and as practice shows, ad accounts are getting banned immediately or within 3 days due to the content on the landing pages that don’t meet policy requirements of Facebook and Google.

Another thing is that affiliates simply don’t have access to the landing pages they are going to advertise.

When creating their ad campaign, they cannot tailor it. They cannot introduce any improvements and they cannot keep their ad accounts working and abiding by the policies.

For this, we strongly recommend you negotiate this issue of having access to the landing pages you are going to advertise with the network you choose to work with beforehand.

Tip 4: Pay Special Attention To Geo

The fourth tip, pay special attention to geolocation. As practise shows, the majority of affiliates are concentrated in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. That’s so because of the, especially, high traffic in these regions.

But there are many countries that should be considered and are worth considering. Such as Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovakia and many others where the metric, which is more important than just traffic, ROI is twice as high, while the traffic in these regions due to our statistics is 4 times lower than the previously mentioned countries.

So for everything I just shared with you doesn’t seem like empty words, I want to proceed by telling 2 real stories taken from our partners on their successful experience in working with the tips we just shared with you that helped them generate hundreds of leads per day. And lower the risks of their accounts getting banned.

Story #1 Working With CPA Network

The first story tells about one guy who worked with a CPA network called A.

At the time, came to our support team with the question, “Hey guys, I make much profit for CPA network A, generating over 500 leads per day. But I constantly face one single problem, banned accounts. So I’m forced to spend half of my time trying to get my accounts unblocked, which Facebook constantly bans due to the content on the landing pages that don’t meet their policy requirements. Maybe you guys have something to offer me.”

Well, for this we replied, let’s start from the beginning.

The rules are created to be observed. If you don’t want your accounts to be banned, you should abide by those policies written by these traffic sources.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We will provide you with the landing pages that have already successfully passed the moderation process which you can work with and not be afraid of getting banned.

The guy didn’t believe it was true. And he continued to work the way he did before.

But it didn’t take much time for, literally, all his accounts to get banned. Then, he decided to come back and try working with us.

As a result, he achieved such metrics as 700-800 leads per day. And his average prime cost dropped from $12 to $9.

Story #2: Playing With Blackhat Techniques

The second story I’m gonna share with you is about one Italian guy who used to play with black hat techniques. Because of his actions, one big search engine called Google didn’t like him.

So one day, this same search engine found ways to get his accounts, almost all of them, blocked. So this guy decided, “Why not try to work with some whitehat techniques. Maybe I can find some information on the Internet.”

He accidentally came across one of the cases published by our partner who taught how to promote white nutra products using whitehat techniques.

So that guy contacted us and tried to work with us.

As a result, he didn’t achieve any improvements in the number of his leads. The number of leads remained at the same level of 500. But the ROI was raised twice.

So it all looks and seems very nice. And, we are very happy that our partners found a way to lower the risks of their accounts getting banned and earn more at the same time.

But of all of these small particles I told you about today, it’s important to be well-structured and connected. That’s what we call a hub.

And that’s where we see the future of the market of nutra offers. It is moving towards whitehat products and whitehat promotion techniques.

In this method we use, we want to achieve the white reputation of all affiliate marketing, whether it’s nutra products or anything else you do.

Wear The Hat

I encourage everyone to wear this white hat. If you want to be a big buyer and if you really want to scale in Europe, sooner or later you will accept these rules and these tips we share today with you.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or if you came up with a brilliant idea, please come to our booth, B-24, and we can discuss it in more detail.

Thank you.