How can affiliate marketers get more from AI?

We assembled a panel of industry experts, including Mark Joyner, Van Oakes, Jason Akatiff, and Sean Mulkeen, to discuss how you can leverage AI for affiliate marketing, lead generation, and daily tasks.

🤔 Will AI Make Affiliate Marketers Obsolete?

This question has rippled throughout the marketing industry, as roles ranging from copywriting to campaign creation appear to be threatened by robot replacements.

While the extent of the turnover is up for debate, one thing the panel agreed on is that affiliate marketing won’t look like it did five years ago, five years from now.

The opportunity to automate various processes and interactions will require affiliate marketing to evolve, but there will still be a need for human interaction and trust. Marketers who can leverage AI as a tool without losing crucial touchpoints or devaluing brand trust will be better positioned to succeed than those who lean too far into either AI or manual systems.

🤔 How to Use AI For Affiliate Marketing

While some of these big-picture questions are still being answered, there are AI-powered tools that affiliate marketers can use today to become more productive.

Scheduling and client onboarding tools are already thick with AI, but you can go deeper with the right systems by personalizing cold video outreach or preparing slide decks. On the creative side, the right ChatGPT prompts and raw assets can be used to develop VSLs, product descriptions, and even landing page copy after some trial and error.

AI in AM Panel

The biggest issue right now with using AI to generate professional-grade assets is iteration. You can’t just give ChatGPT a product description and ask for a marketing campaign and expect usable results. You’ll need to get specific.

  • Who do you want the speaker to sound like?
  • Who is the speaker addressing?
  • What is the brand voice?
  • What are the pain points?

The more detail you provide, and the more times you improve your prompt and run it through the system, the better your results will be.