Affiliate marketing is dead. You always hear it, but it’s never true. The innovators survive and the innovators lead the pack. The founders behind Laybag are a prime example of this. They took a unique product idea and focused on video and social media marketing and Facebook Ads. Learn the LayBag story that will surely inspire you to realise new and amazing angles to make a fortune with affiliate marketing!

Speech by Steven Kuhn | Global Sales Representative, LayBag

Steven Kuhn Speech Transcript

Hello everybody. Hello Berlin. How is everybody?

A little quiet in here today.

So yeah. I’m the LayBag guy. I’m definitely not a genius.

You know how you’re walking down the street and you see like a box on the side. And you go over you saying, maybe I should pick that box up.

And you pick it up and there’s money in there. Wow. That was luck.

That’s how I got to Laybag.

Basically, 3 friends came up with an idea. They wanted something to lay on when they were at concerts because they had they make concerts.

So, they came up with the idea of an inflatable bag made out of parachute material.

They sourced it. And they put it on Facebook. To their surprise, within a few days, they sold a few thousand.

Facebook Ads

So they put a little bit more money into the Facebook Ads and suddenly they’re selling 7,000 units a day at €89, $89 or 89 whatever you want to have.

This turned into like a snowstorm of success for this company, which wasn’t a company. It was basically a hobby with some friends in they’re in their living room, literally.

The first office days we had at the dining room table.

They called me. I’m American, I live in Budapest, work in Germany, speaking and such.

They said, can you help us out?

Because we’re getting calls from Walmart, from Target, from Costco, from Tesco, from all the large retailers. Even Australia and Israel and everywhere else.

So, I said sure.

I’ve never done this before, I’m not from this industry. I’m a turnaround and startup specialist that’s what I do. I coach CEOs to make their company more successful.

These guys don’t want to be coached. They just want me to sell the product.

So, what did we do?

Instead of going to the retailing and say, please buy our product. We decided to make sure that they had to buy the product.

So how did we do it? What do you think we did?


What’s the best way to get somebody to buy your product?

Exposure. Right?

So, Facebook Ads, obviously, Facebook is the number one place to do ads today.

Then we found out, who we were pitching to. For instance, Walmart their headquarters. Where do the managers live?

Which of the buyers are we pitching to and where do they live and what do we do?

Targeted ads all day long.

Milwaukee, California, Oklahoma, and guess what. We’re in Walmart. We’re in Target. We’re in Costco with Laybag.

Within less than a year, we were in all the major retailers.


Because of Facebook.

And, how does this happen from a bunch of guys who have no idea how to do affiliate marketing, how to do online marketing, how to do anything about marketing, actually for that matter.

And your world is like me going to the moon. I have no idea what you guys do.

I was talking backstage with Hugh and he started throwing some words around.

And, you know, I have an MBA. I’m not you know, I’m a pretty smart guy but I don’t know what hell he was talking about.

So, I said please don’t ask me those questions with those acronyms onstage okay because I don’t know what it is.

One Time Is Not Enough

What turns out to be, we had to look at how did we do it because one time is not enough.

So, we got another product and we did the same thing. We didn’t sell as many but we did 1 million in one week, just with Facebook ads.

And we decided the only way that we’re gonna make this happen is if we look at the marketplace, honestly, open a Facebook, you are bamboozled with ads.

The newest thing is this red circle, right? Like an arrow or red arrow just randomly on some pictures. And you’re supposed to click on it, right?

Well that’s old, right? Get it out.

Whatever you see that’s working on Facebook and you’re copying, it’s not gonna work for you as a good as it works for them because they were the first movers.


Okay, so we started using what we call, and a lot of people forget this, especially brainiacs, it’s called intuition.

Intuition. What makes you click on something, literally? If you’re walking down the street, what are you looking at?

If I’m on my PC, what am I looking at?

That’s the attention getter that we need to find to put on our ads, to get people to click.

What’s an example of what we did to get someone to click?

First thing is when we started having complaints about you can’t blow it up. I’m sure everybody knows the Laybag. People running around for hours trying to blow it up, right?

Trying to get that thing to fill with air.

People said on the videos we were cheating and using a fan. Instead of answering this, saying no we’re not cheating, we didn’t use a fan.

Post Videos As Ads

We ended up making videos about their concerns and posting them as ads. So suddenly we have a guy inside, indoors in a wide range, so you can see there’s no fan, inflating his Laybag standing still.

Took care of the problem right there. People stopped complaining about it because there’s an answer right there.

Then we have someone say yes, but it’ll rip on glass.

And there’s other products out there now that are much cheaper than Laybag, why should we buy yours? It’ll rip just as well.

So we made a video.

We went on the balcony and threw 100 bottles of wine into the courtyard. Thew a Laybag on it. A guy jumped off the screen into the Laybag and landed on it.

And it didn’t break and it didn’t rip and it didn’t tear.

So these are videos that we did with this. Cost us nada.

It was online and on the website within 10 minutes after filming it. And we were making money within 15 minutes after it went online.

So I ask you, simply, whatever you do, put the book down for a second, put the rule book down for a second.

What Will Make You Click

Put down that checklist that you have just for one second and sit back and say, “What is gonna make me click?”

Okay, it’s right here. It’s right here.

A lot of what you know is here, that’s how you get to where you want to go, but when you wanna have that success, it comes to right here.

Being honest about what it is that you need to make happen comes from here.

And what does that create when you use your intuition? It creates authenticity.

And who doesn’t want an authentic product?

Okay, that’s my short speech about a Laybag.