How do you grow an ecommerce brand in a market that doesn’t shop online?

Sarah Lamine found the answers. She leveraged CRO principles and an understanding of MENA markets to increase one cosmetic brand’s orders sevenfold and year-over-year revenue by 600%.

Sarah was generous enough to share her secrets at a recent Affiliate World event, and now we are sharing them with you.

How to Overcome the CRO Challenge

Close the Knowledge Gap 💡

“Clarity beats persuasion at any given day.”

Sarah’s team collected data through surveys to understand two things 👇


Through this, they realized they needed to educate the audience on how to order online by:

  • creating how-to-order videos
  • including onsite FAQs
  • running ads to blog posts showing how to order from their website

Conduct CRO Experiments 🧪

They also ran CRO experiments to increase every micro conversion through the funnel.

CRO Experiments

Follow this New & Improved CRO Process 🪜

  1. Build the page with the best practices in mind such as putting important information above the fold, clear value proposition, clear CTAs, and social proof.
  2. Install Hotjar and Clarity to see heatmaps, view recordings, and get surveys.
  3. Push traffic.
  4. Analyze all the data from heatmaps and recordings (quantitative data) and surveys (qualitative data).
  5. Come up with theories and test them. Then keep the winning test.
  6. Repeat the process over and over again.
CRO Process

Make Further Improvements 🛠

CRO principles and improvements throughout the funnel were essential to this brand’s growth, including additional touchpoints.

  • Add research and filter – it’s crucial to add many SKUs, categories etc.
  • Highlight the CTAs – use bold colours while still following the brand guidelines.
  • Put as much information as possible on the home page – product sections, best sellers, new releases, and product promotions.
Home Page
  • For the product page (aka money page) 👇
    – add more pictures, variety, how to use the product, UGCs, and lifestyle images
    – highlight CTAs
    – simplify product descriptions by using bullet points
    –  highlight unique selling points
Product Page

The brand put in the effort to understand why users weren’t buying online and made the necessary adjustments. Similarly, by educating an emerging niche and normalizing online-only purchases, Sarah’s brand was able to capitalize on an untapped market and grow to unprecedented levels.

In simple terms, knowledge isn’t just power – it’s profit too. 💰