This post “Cut your CPMs by 90% using Snapchat Ads” first appeared on the AWC Facebook Page.

Dimitri Nikolakakis, AWasia 2018 speaker, explains how he sets up his Snapchat ad campaigns to get crazy cheap CPMs.

Why use Snapchat ads? ?

It is literally 1/10 the price of Facebook CPMs. ?

With cheap advertising, comes cheap clicks and with cheap clicks, come cheap conversions. ♻️?

How To Build Your Snapchat Ad Set

  • Go to Ads Manager ➡️ Create Ads ➡️ Advanced Create
  • Select your objective as Drive Traffic To Website, then go Build Your Ad Sets
  • Targeting audiences on Snapchat is quite basic and primitive (which is the reason why CPMs and conversions are so much cheaper!)
  • When selecting your audience, utilise Custom Audiences. ✨

Create Your Custom Lookalike Audience

  • Go to Audiences ➡️ New Audience ➡️ Saved Audience
  • Create your audience using your customer or purchaser list as the Seed Audience ?
  • Save it as your “lookalike audience” which will now appear under your Custom Audience selections when creating an Ad Set

Finish Setting Up Creative and Delivery Details

  • Set up your budget, run time, bid and goal, etc.
  • Select which operating systems, device makes, connection types, carrier, etc. you would like to target.
  • Start running your ad for incredible results! ✔️?

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We also asked the AWC community if they had any questions for Dimitri about Snapchat ads and strategies and they tossed some questions into the hat.

Dimitri Nikolakakis Ask Me Anything

Dimitri Nikolakakis:
Thanks for watching guys! If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop them in the comments for me to answer ?

Snapchat Pixel

Ahmad Sammour:
What types of offers do you work with? Which tracker you used for? Have a nice times.
Dimitri Nikolakakis:
Hey buddy! I do ecom, so selling physical products – all private label owned by my clients (not necessarily affiliate offers) ?
Snapchat has its own pixel for conversion tracking that we use.
Ahmad Sammour:
@Dimitri Nikolakakis excellent.. thank you

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Matt Farmer:
DimDim! why didnt you set it up as a website conversion campaign if you have the sc pixel installed? Works way better for direct response and lead gen ads.
Dimitri Nikolakakis:
Sup homie! Just set up a random campaign for the sake of showing audience set up in the vid ?