How can every affiliate succeed consistently on Taboola?

Nadim Kuttab found 3️⃣ unmissable methods that any affiliate marketer can put to good use in Q3 and beyond. He revealed these tips & strategies at a recent AW event and now we share them with you.

🍂 Secret #1: Embrace Seasonality

Seasonality is a familiar term for most affiliate marketers. If you’re selling products, you’ll make more money selling heaters in the winter and coolers in the summer than vice versa.

What too few native ad buyers take advantage of, however, is policy seasonality.

On Taboola, specific verticals, products, and affiliate offers aren’t allowed at all times. But if you work with your Taboola account manager to choose the right product and network, and if you upload your campaigns correctly, you can win big with a simple funnel and offer template.

One of Nadim’s essential recommendations is to pre-submit your entire funnel to Taboola for approval. The platform is set up to receive ads and campaigns all at once and native ad buyers can leverage this feature to ensure a smooth rollout of new campaigns.

Secret #1: Embrace Seasonality

🕵️‍♀️ Secret #2: Search Arbitrage

The second tip to succeed on Taboola is called search arbitrage, or leveraging data to increase margins on affiliate campaigns.

The two requirements here are a high-payout vertical and markets with a low-priced, high-quality inventory. The latter is often found outside the US, in places like Eastern Europe and South East Asia where online markets have matured but the competition is still minimal.

Secret #2: Search Arbitrage

📱 Secret #3: Branded App Installs

According to Nadim, app install campaigns aren’t easy, but they can work with the right process in place.

The first hurdle to clear is proof of concept in your market of choice. For one client, he found success by targeting English speakers in a South East Asian market to learn the local language and see what works.

After proving a success in one local market, Nadim and his team used the same system to expand the concept in other high-value but underserved locales.

Secret #3: Branded App Installs