How can marketers and affiliates leverage tools like ChatGPT to produce content effectively?

According to Iman Bashir (Founder & CEO, Craftly.AI), there’s an art to ChatGPT prompt programming, and it doesn’t always mean using more words. Using specific words and phrases, however, can produce winning assets.

Getting ultra-specific responses from the latest AI tools rather than bland, generic outputs requires training. Iman offers five Prompt Engineering Methods (PEMs) that affiliates and marketers can use to produce what they need.

5 Prompt Engineering Methods for ChatGPT

1️⃣ User-Directed Prompts

Starting your AI prompt with a phrase like “I want you to act as…” puts the entire prompt into context and provides perspective for what follows. The next part of the prompt should start with “You will…”, which is where you lay out the expected output. Get as specific as you can. Finally, incorporate responses specific to your target demographic, audience, etc.

2️⃣ ChatGPT-Directed Prompts

Use ChatGPT to ask your questions for the best prompts, and then input those prompts to produce your content.

3️⃣ Feed Data To ChatGPT

Create content by inputting raw market data and having the bot summarize the information for you. You can get concise and easy-to-understand information summaries and turn them into video scripts, blogs, or captions.

4️⃣ Few-Shot Learning

For the best results, provide three or more examples for ChatGPT to reference and learn from. Use high-converting examples for exponentially better outputs.

5️⃣ Fine-tuning

Fine-tuning uses larger subsets of data and inputs to develop content. This option is not currently available through ChatGPT; users have to go to the source, which is the GPT-3 playground. If you have enough information to go this route, it’s the best way to customize your outputs based on things like brand voice, industry position, and style.

Finally, remember to pull examples that don’t necessarily reflect the exact subject you’re creating content for. Use high-converting or high-engagement content across platforms to produce assets that will work for your needs.