Affiliate World Dubai 2024 was one of our biggest yet! We kicked off the year with over six thousand of the affiliate industry all in one place. There were no shortage of deals from exhibitors, networking opportunities at the marketplace, legendary parties, and eye-opening insights during sessions.

Let’s take a look back at some noteworthy speeches. πŸ‘‡

Key Takeaways From AW Dubai πŸ’Ž

Mirella Crespi | Mastering Creative Strategy: Crafting TikTok Ads That Actually Convert

Mirella Crespi

Creative Milkshake founder and CEO Mirella Crespi shared their best practices when it comes to ideating and executing creatives:

  • Focus on one product at a time, 3 max – When making conversion-focused ads, the product should be the main focus. Make 1 video for each product. If you must, and if it makes sense, add 3 max so the key points are clear and not lost.
  • Clearly disclose the value – Viewers like to know the price and value of your product upfront. Be transparent about your price and emphasize current promotions or offers.
  • Diversify talent – A large portion of top performing ads, specially in certain verticals like fashion, beauty, home goods, kids & baby, etc. feature mainly women. Split-testing different ages, genders, sizes, accents, makes a huge difference!
  • 30 seconds is the sweet spot – Most top-performing video ads are over 20 seconds but never exceed 40 seconds. Consider short attention spans when crafting your ads, and use that time to showcase function, details, benefits and offer.

Marisha Lakhiani | 5 Hacks to 5X Your ROAS Using AI and Automation

Marisha Lakhiani

Mindvalley Chief Growth Officer, Marisha Lakhiani spilled the beans on the 5 strategies they applied to 5x Mindvalley’s campaigns:

  • Moving to AI campaigns will 2x your ROI – let AI optimize your campaigns so you can see its true potential.
  • Use ChatGPT to turn data into actionable insights – equip your team with a tool that can give you business intelligence in seconds.
  • Scale 5x faster with real-time insights – use Google Apps Scripts to pull data from ad platforms and payment gateways to Google Sheets in real-time.
  • Schedule your budgets for 4x increase in ROI – use ChatGPT to analyze your best time to scale and then use Meta Budget Scheduling to capitalize on the peaks.
  • Social proof on ads will drop your CPMs by over 70% – pay attention to the comments section!

Leonardo Caracas | Building a Content Machine: Key Metrics For DTC Success — Insights From Coaching 100+ Brands

Leonardo Caracas

Leonardo of Jump Ventures unveiled the content process they used to increase a company from a 1 million standpoint to a 20 million standpoint within one year:

  • Creative Assets – which assets does the brand possess or can create?
  • Creative Concepts – which stories can be told and in which formats?
  • Test & Iterate – create a high output of content to be constantly tested, until you find the ingredients.
  • Hit Content – after intensive testing and iteration, you’ve found the outlier content aka “The HIT.”
  • Scale to the Max – push the HIT content on the whole account and go find your HIT 2.0.

Alex Micol | How to Hire Talent and Utilize AI to Mass-Produce VSLs That Convert on Facebook and YouTube TODAY!

YouTube UGC Ads

SCALERS’ Alex Micol shared the winning formats on YouTube right now:

  • Short leads to VSL page (1-2 minutes)
  • Short UGC ads for lead gen (1-5 minutes)
  • Short VSLs for gadgets (1-5 minutes)
  • TV ads (all lengths)