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Speech by Benny Zheng | Business Operations General Manager, Mobvista

Benny Zheng Speech Transcript

I know this is a hard time. It’s about lunchtime, so are you sleepy? You need to wake up and turn around.

Okay, this is Benny. I’m Mobvista’s business operation general manager. And, I’m very honored to be invited by STM to have a section to talk about Mobvista’s business and how we are going to develop in the next few years.

So, before we talk about business, I’d like to take several minutes to introduce myself. I think maybe some of you guys know me, but maybe more don’t know me.

I used to work in the traditional business industry for FMCG business for more than 8 years. I served for Procter and Gamble for 6 and a half years.

And during that time, there was a great precious gift that God has given me and that is my daughter Alyssa and she’s my real boss now.

And after that, in the year 2013, I joined Wrigley China as taking the role of the traditional trade channel sales head, in charge of about $1.5 billion every year.

So, when the year goes to 2015, I made a big decision.

Things I really want to change my experience and give myself a challenge from a traditional business to a more fast-growing advertising business.

At that time, when I chose Mobvista and when I saw Mobvista, I think it’s quite a small company with less than 200 people but full of passion and energy. And, the leadership team has great ambition and envision to build a best-in-class, world, global affiliate network.

Mobvista: Offices Around The World

Benny Zheng - Mobvista - Offices Around The World

Benny Zheng – Mobvista – Offices Around The World

So, I decided to join. And, now when we take a look at Mobvista. We went public last year as we spoke, in Bangkok, and our market price is about $1 billion already.

That’s a real unicorn. Although, we are just 3 years old. And our total business delivered is about $175 million last year.

And now, frankly speaking, talking about the past 3 years, our business growth is in the tremendous acceleration progress.

Mobvista Business Acceleration

Benny Zheng - Mobvista Business Acceleration

Benny Zheng – Mobvista Business Acceleration

You can see, when we started in the year 2013, the business is about just 9 million that year.

But now, when we look at this year’s forecast, it’s about $375 million this year which means it’s about 3x business incremental increase.

So for sure, we are now Asia’s number 1.

And we are humble. We said that we are the world’s top 5. My CEO gives me a challenge that when we can be the world’s top 3 and when we can be the world’s number 1.

So, it’s you. It’s you guys helping us grow with this kind of business so fast.

Mobvista started this business in the year 2014.

Teams and Friends

Benny Zheng – Team and Friends

Benny Zheng – Team and Friends

You can see the picture on my right, and it’s on your left side.

That’s my original team in China headquarters. At that time, we were very young and very unprofessional.

What we were doing is we kept asking the good offers and providing that to our affiliate friends. But, things changed.

After we changed our focus from just providing the offer to a total service provider. We’re not only providing you the offers, but we’re getting exclusive offers for you.

We provide best-in-class payment terms, we provide you high ROI offers.

Also, when risk and some kind of deductions happen from the advertiser, we will take a reasonable burden and share with you guys.

This is a promise.

So totally, we deliver the business in this position. And we keep doing it in this far, growing business way.

And we are making friends all over the world. You can see in Russia, in the U.S., in Europe, in Southeast Asia. And now this kind of friends group keeps growing.

I cannot give you the name but one of these guys on this slide makes more than $6 million with us. And the profit is pretty, pretty good.

So our affiliate business keeps going in the past 3 years but is still growing now.

Mobvista’s Affiliate Business

Benny Zheng - Mobvista Affiliate Business

Benny Zheng – Mobvista Affiliate Business

Today, more than 50% of our total business is contributed or delivered by our affiliate friends. So affiliate business is the most important part of us. And has unique value to Mobvista.

So if you guys want to work with us to earn more money, because I like to say make the most with the best, you should know what we’re doing and what we plan to do.

CPI Business

Benny Zheng - CPI Business

Benny Zheng – CPI Business

The first part is the CPI-based business. This is what Mobvista is extremely good at.

At this time, we are Asia’s best CPI network with so much, so many exclusive offers.

And in some top Geos, we have very good payout profit offers I will introduce later.

And also, what’s more is that we are the top reseller and top partner with Google and Facebook. On these 2 biggest traffic platforms, we can help you to open an account. We can help you in providing you with direct link offers on these 2 platforms.

CPI Basis

Benny Zheng – CPI Basis

Benny Zheng – CPI Basis

Mobvista’s CPI-based business is divided into 3 parts – the utilities, the games, and e-commerce.

Benny Zheng – CPI Empire

Benny Zheng – CPI Empire

And, you can see from this slide, most of these apps and advertisers are our exclusive offers.

Today, we dominate about 80% of Asia’s total advertisers budget.

And on geography levels, you can see this is why we’re not talking too much in the past. We used to be very good in China.

You can see many e-commerce advertisers and in Southeast Asia, especially in India, the Myntra, Lazada, Flick Pad, these kinds of e-commerce advertisers we are very good at.

And also in Korea, some of the local gaming advertisers, we are working with them with more than 1 million business every month.

What’s more, is that we are now expanding our business to Europe and the U.S. this year.

So you can see, in the US we have Lyft, we have Uber, we have HBO, we have Firefox. And in Europe, especially our talk later, we just bought another company 3 days ago.

We just released the information 3 days ago. We are now doing adult subscription, gambling offers in Europe.

Benny Zheng – TOP

Benny Zheng – TOP

Just like I said, we’re the top reseller for Google in China. And we can provide both the PSP and DVIP account for you guys. Aso, we can offer you more than 50 direct link offers on this platform.

What’s more, is Facebook. On Facebook, we can run about 3 million business every month on these direct link offers.

Second, it’s CPA business. Actually, Mobvista started our CPA business 2 years ago. But it’s not that famous because we are much bigger in CPI utility business.

CPA Campaigns

{9. Benny Zheng – CPA Campaigns}

What’s good to know is that we’re now working with more than 1,000 global notable advertisers on CPA business. We also have our own exclusive offers and our own offers.

We can make delagations and make tailor-made offers for you guys if you want to talk with us.

Diverse Mobile Content Offers

Benny Zheng – Diverse Mobile Content Offers

Benny Zheng – Diverse Mobile Content Offers

Talking about Germany, Itay, Netherlands, these kinds of high-payout geographies. The performance is pretty well.

And also in India, in Malaysia, in Thailand, Thailand is the hottest place recently. We also have our glamouring and adult and these kinds of 1-click flow offers. You can have a try.

Benny Zheng – Gambling Offers

Benny Zheng – Gambling Offers

What’s more? Just as I said, we have the gambling, casino, slots offers, these kinds of things in Europe and the U.S.

If you guys have the traffic, welcome. Pick up your phone and connect with me directly.

Investment and Acquisition

Benny Zheng – Investment and Acquisition

Benny Zheng – Investment and Acquisition

The 3rd thing is that beyond business, we are going to do some kind of investment opportunities and see what we’re going to do with the affiliate world.

As you know, we bought NativeX this February. And 100% bought out this company.

NativeX is quite a good supplementary traffic for Mobvista. Because in the past, Mobvista traffic is more focusing on non-incent traffic.

But NativeX, they’re extremely good at the incent traffic and do good business with the gaming advertisers and branding advertisers such as Disneyland.

So, the buying of NativeX helps us burst this kind of business in a very quick and fast way.

And just like I said, 3 days ago we just released the information that we bought GameAnalytics. They have 2 offices – one is in London and another in Denmark. They’re a European game analysis business company.

So in the 2nd half of this year, we’re also looking for another 2-3 opportunity to buy some potential companies with, maybe it’s a delegated media buying team, maybe it’s a start-up company with unique technology or product.

We’re open to talking about this.

And these 2-3 mergers acquisitions information will gradually be released this quarter 3 and this quarter 4.


Benny Zheng – Mobvista

Benny Zheng – Mobvista

So finally, I want to express my sincerest thanks to all my affiliates who have been giving so many contributions to Mobvista in the past.

You’re helping us grow so fast.

And I also sincerely invite you guys to pick up your phone, take a picture or directly connect with me to see how we can build more business together.

Because this year Europe will be one of our most important geographies. We want to set up offices in this area. Although we have an office in London already.

We want to buy 2-3 more companies. And we will start hiring local people.

So the thing is that Europe is definitely the number 1 priority for Mobvista. We are going to explore this business in tremendous ways.

Mobvista is well prepared. And already got ready to hear from you guys.

Thank you!