How to Create a Winning Meta Reels Ad 🏆

Are you making creatives that stop potential customers in their tracks?

Mirella Crespi said you need something to make your Meta Reels stand out right away.

Enter ad hooks! 🎣

To create a winning hook you first need to understand the psychology behind video hooks.

A hook works to break the unconscious patterns that we have all developed after you’re scrolling through social media. This is where a neurolinguistic technique called pattern interrupt comes into play – the hook interrupts the subconscious pattern that kicks in when your audience skips an ad.

Here are some proven pattern interrupt techniques:

  • trigger curiosity
  • trigger emotions
  • be relatable
  • be shocking
  • showcase an opportunity

But pattern interruption isn’t enough. Your hook also needs five additional elements.

5 Key Elements of an Ad Hook 🪝

👨 Persona

Broad targeting and campaign consolidation mean that your hook is responsible for your targeting as your ad gets served. The hook finds your audience by speaking directly to them.


💬 Message

Make it bold and big from the very beginning for instant recognition by your audience.


💨 Movement

Quick transitions and sharp camera movements are vital for Reels ads to break that unconscious scrolling pattern.


🔊 Sound

This is a change from years past – today 93% of people watch Reels ads with the sound on, so your sound should be a huge part of your hook.


🖼 Thumbnail

Make a bizarre, engaging, scroll-stopping thumbnail for your ad. The reason for this is that in placements other than Reels, your ad may not play automatically.

The thumbnail has a huge impact on performance. Also, split testing thumbnails is highly recommended to further boost a top-performing creative.