It’s official. Affiliate World Asia 2018 is going to be massive!

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the affiliate and ecommerce industry for some time, the speakers we have kicked off with show the opportunity and scalability that our industry provides. Expect all levels of knowledge to be shared during Affiliate World Asia!

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Danilo Lee

Danilo Lee Speaker Announcment

Danilo Lee at Affiliate World Asia 2018

This December, discover one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS of affiliate marketing: Danilo Lee ?


? He built DLO Media, a world-class growth acquisition marketing agency geared towards paid search and pay-per-call lead gen for start-ups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies. ?

? He has generated OVER $1 Billion worth of leads for his clients in the finance and legal industries. ?

? He is going to step on to the stage to reveal elements to his business that has generated 10-FIGURES in revenue online.?

Frank Ravanelli

Frank Ravanelli AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Frank Ravanelli at Affiliate World Asia 2018

What does it take to bring a brand into the Billions through multi-channel marketing? ? Frank Ravanelli is going to break it down for you.

Frank is the Head of Affiliates in Asia and EMEA for FOREO. Since last year, the Swedish beauty and luxury brand has been selling one product EVERY three seconds, totalling over $1 Billion in sales. ⏳?

With almost two decades in the performance marketing space, he was vital in developing the strategy that launched them to 10-figures. ??

Tim Burd

Tim Burd AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Tim Burd at Affiliate World Asia 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Burd will be sharing his never-before-seen “Sneak Attack Method” that will help Facebook affiliates to:

? Drop customer acquisition costs by 25-35%

? Hit CPA targets with margin to spare

? Claw back profits for you or your clients


Catch Tim’s unique presentation to learn the secret to squeezing margins back into your bottom line. ?

Depesh Mandalia

Depesh Mandalia AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Depesh Mandalia at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Depesh Mandalia has over a decade of knowledge from running and auditing hundreds of FB accounts, while generating 8 to 9-figures for himself and clients. It’s fair to say Depesh knows his stuff. ?

Don’t miss his 9 TAKEAWAYS full of golden nuggets and knowledge bombs on:

⚡ Unique angles to audiences

⚡ Creating compelling creatives

⚡ Ad set optimisation tips

⚡ Funnels

⚡ Automation

⚡ PLUS bulking AOV and LTV for long-term profitability ??

P.S Bring your laptop! You’ll want to be updating your campaigns immediately.

Dimitri Nikolakakis

Dimitri Nikolakakis AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Dimitri Nikolakakis at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Dimitri Nikolokakis has driven over $100k sales in a SINGLE day using strategies OUTSIDE of Facebook ads. ?

Don’t miss his presentation, where he will be sharing key tactics to:

? Leverage influencer audiences correctly.

? Create virality with Messenger bots.

? Rapidly reduce your CPMs using other mediums like Snapchat ads.

Facebook is becoming more difficult for marketers to rely on solely for traffic, don’t miss out on this opportunity to DIVERSIFY your marketing efforts. ?

Dee Deng

Dee Deng AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Dee Deng at Affiliate World Asia 2018

In 14 months, Dee Deng grew his agency to $250k a month FROM SCRATCH. ?? What’s that? He’s giving away his funnel to you too? ?

This December, he will be handing you his EXACT structure and lead generation sales process for long-term success.

? Learn the systems and know-how to crush it and scale as an agency.

? Avoid the headaches of account shut-downs, bans, funding, etc.

? Grow significantly, diversify your risk, and minimise the peaks and valleys of being an affiliate.

Maor Benaim

Maor Benaim AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Maor Benaim at Affiliate World Asia

Five million leads later…

Maor Benaim has put together the “cheat sheet” to achieving LONG-LASTING lead gen campaigns. ??

At his presentation, he will be revealing the secrets to his formidable funnel formula. ?

Find out exactly:

✔️ What specific optimisation methods to utilise according to LTV

✔️ What inevitable issues you may come across and the solutions to each

✔️ Plus tools, tracking tips, keyword placement/optimisation, custom postback setups, and more.

Ralfs Smilsarajs

Ralfs Smilsarajs AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Ralfs Smilsarajs at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Attending AWasia? Ralfs Smilšarājs will teach you how to run 7-FIGURE Facebook and Google Ads campaigns as a solo affiliate. ??

In Bangkok, he’ll reveal:

?His secret systems and case studies

?‍?How to mirror his tactics on your current native ad campaigns

? Apply them to scale horizontally across multiple traffic platforms

Build a winning campaign on all of Ralf’s key takeaways covering campaign structure, targeting, bidding practices, creatives, and optimisation. ?

Xenon Tan

Xenon Tan AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Xenon Tan at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Xenon Tan’s formula to success: ?

Attract competitors’ customers on Instagram ➕ charge premium prices

Interested in learning how it works? ?

Don’t miss his step-by-step guide at #AWasia where he will show you how to:

? Dominate the market while charging 10x more

? Position the true root of your customer’s needs

? Differentiate and become the ultimate authority in any niche

Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Ayat Shukairy at Affiliate World Asia 2018

If you want to increase your CRO by 65%+, please raise your hand!


Well at AWasia, Ayat Shukairy is going to teach you the steps to increase your website and campaign conversion rates through A/B testing methods.

And she’ll be doing it by sharing CASE STUDIES from the following:

? A SaaS start-up on how to conduct proper qualitative research

? A SaaS company on how cognitive progression can help you get ahead of your visitors

? A large ecommerce retailer on understanding the customer journey You definitely won’t want to miss this presentation.

Zack Franklin

Zack Franklin AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Zack Franklin at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Build a 6-figure Amazon store FROM SCRATCH. ?

At AWasia, Zack Franklin will be breaking down one of his $500k a month business models on Amazon. ??

He’ll be diving into elements such as:

✅ Product selection

✅ Ads

✅ Team structure

✅ Review strategies

✅ Plus loads of special hacks ✨

Don’t miss this epic ecommerce opportunity!

Frank Ravanelli

Frank Ravanelli AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Frank Ravanelli at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Discover how FOREO sold 1 product every 3 SECONDS globally. ?

⚠️ Spoiler alert: Affiliate marketing played an important role to the smart marketing channel strategy behind this feat. ⚠️

Catch Frank Ravanelli’s presentation at AWasia and take notes on:

? How to identify current and upcoming trends in hybrid influencer marketing partnerships, top funnel affiliate types, and multi-network strategies

? The right partners you’ll need to bridge online with offline sales

? How to harness the power of brand awareness in your campaigns

Kevin David AWA18 Speaker Announcement

Kevin David at Affiliate World Asia 2018

At AWasia, Kevin David is going to show you how to reverse-engineer FIVE of his most profitable Facebook campaigns! ?‍??

? Prepare yourself for a content-packed presentation with zero fluff. ?

Learn Kevin’s most formidable tools and apply them to your campaigns:

✅ Micro-split testing with small budgets ?

✅ Specific ad set and ad level rules

✅ Auto-scale based on ROAS on a 3 day rolling average

✅ The Frankenstein rule ?

✅ Identifying hyper-related product to sell as collections

Manychat checkbox integrations and smart delays ?

✅ Plus, after the fact social duplication reinforcement Secure your ticket now ➡


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