Can AI tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT really deliver usable creatives for my campaigns?

Rory Flynn has spent the past year or so digging into that question – and his answer is “Yes.” More importantly, Rory explained in a recent Affiliate World speech how his team uses highly specific prompt templates and formulas to make photorealistic creatives for clients using Midjourney.

1️⃣ Photorealistic Creatives with Midjourney

If you’re using Midjourney to make marketing creatives, you want them to be photorealistic. And the way to get photorealistic output is to include photographic elements in your prompt.

If you were a photography teacher, this is what you teach your students. Things like the subject style and technique, which could be landscape or portrait orientation, street art, and mood or atmosphere directions will definitely shift the look of the final output.

Modifying details like specific cameras and lenses are also very important because they trigger a photorealistic “mindset” for the AI. Even information like apertures, lighting composition, perspective, and other guidelines can lead to better outputs.

Images generated by different prompts

2️⃣ Prompt Structure

Getting your prompt structure right is very important. Midjourney assumes that the most important elements are at the beginning of the prompt. It also gives weight to the supporting details at the end; those are really important to shape and mold the image.

Prompt Formulas for Midjourney

If you want to systematize your Midjourney prompts and create a formula that produces usable marketing creatives at scale, there are a few tips to remember.

Your prompt formula should be clear, digestible, and consistent for repeated use. Putting templates in place can make it easy for individuals and teams throughout your organization to maintain branding and quality standards.

Here’s an example of a photorealistic prompt formula that Rory provided:

Prompt Formula

Here is an example of an email template made using this prompt.

AI-made Email

📌 Pro Tip: Midjourney recently added a new feature called “Shorten,” which will analyze your prompt at your request to show you what worked and what didn’t. Use this feature to iterate and improve on your prompts to ensure you get the best possible output with the fewest possible revisions.

3️⃣ Scaling with ChatGPT

Rory and his team produce content for thousands of emails every month, so they need to be able to generate prompts at scale, not just creative outputs, to differentiate their clients’ creatives in the marketplace.

To that end, they have started using ChatGPT to generate highly specific prompts that can be fed into Midjourney to produce creatives.

The ChatGPT prompts look like this:

ChatGPT Prompt

Midjourney is set up to provide four options based on one prompt, so if you ask ChatGPT for five prompts and put each one into Midjourney you’ll get 20 unique outputs in about 20 seconds. Repeat these steps 40 times in an hour, and you’ll have 800 AI-generated photorealistic outputs for your campaigns. Not bad for one hour’s work!

When you’re building prompt formulas, there will be some trial and error involved as you try to find the right balance of elements for each brand or client you’re working with. But once you’re comfortable working within the parameters of each tool – and your team has learned to do the same – you’ll have an advantage that many of your competitors haven’t even tried yet.