This post “The Secret Recipe for Cooking 7-Figure Facebook Ads” first appeared on the AWC Facebook Page.

$103k spent in the last 30 days, generating $1.35M ecommerce revenue. Depesh Mandalia is NO guru.

He’s in the trenches as we speak, scaling his Facebook Ad campaigns to 7-figures and beyond.

Depesh has agreed to reveal a taster of his key ingredients and a proven recipe that he uses to sell (almost!) anything on Facebook.

This’ll whet your appetite for his speech at AWasia 2018.

The Secret Recipe for Cooking 7-Figure Facebook Ads

  • 1 business manager
  • 2 ad accounts
  • 1 proven product or service with niche or broad appeal
  • 1 relationship marketing funnel
  • 1 slick sales funnel
  • An endless stream of creatives (copy and visuals)
  • Money
  • Time
  • Effort


  • Setup 1 business manager with 2 ad accounts (one for page engagement, other for sales/leads.) Share the pixel to the second account (for backup purposes).


  • Test your product or service with small spends using a range of creatives and ad objectives to find tractions, pain points, rejections, refine, refine and redefine your product and service before spending too much.
  • Use video funnels to highlight your product or service and build for engagement. Build engaged people you can retarget with a sales or lead ad with broad audiences.


  • While testing, optimise each step of your sales funnel to increase your conversion rate.


  • Mix up audiences and ads until you find the right consistency of performance and scale.


  • Spend more by creating a new tray of cakes instead of adding more cakes to the existing tray. Facebook doesn’t scale so well this way.
  • Test more creatives and angles. People respond to angles, agitations and opportunities. The biggest killer of scale is lack of creative cycling.
  • If margins/profits are tight, work that back-end and push more value into LTV (lifetime value).

Focus on improving 2 metrics at a time…

  • Want a higher LTV? more sales, more frequently.
  • Higher ROAS? Increase AOV (average order value) and drop CPA (cost per acquisition).
  • Want lower CPA? Drop your CPC (cost per click) and increase your sales funnel conversion rate.
  • Want to drop CPC? Lower your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and increase your CTR (click through rate).
  • Want to lower CPM and improve CTR? Improve your ad relevancy, targeting, creative testing, campaign objectives, bidding, budgets and more.

Sourcing the best ingredients is 20% of creating a great dish.

The CHEF brings the other 80%.

? Watch Depesh cook up somethin’ special on stage at AWAsia 2018 >>

We asked the AWC community if they had any questions for Depesh about Facebook ads, ecommerce, etc. and he answered them all.

Depesh Mandalia Ask Me Anything

Depesh Mandalia:
Hey everyone, if you got any questions feel free to drop them down below and AMA (ask me anything) about FB ads, Ecom, etc.

FB Ad Location For Depesh’s Example

Kiril Kirilov:
@Depesh Mandalia, awesome results 🙂 May I ask which target location is that?
Depesh Mandalia:
@Kiril Kirilov Europe.

Applying Outside Learnings To Your Campaigns

Antonio Bori:
What’s the weirdest / most counter-intuitive thing you’ve been testing that has had a positive effect on your campaign performance if any?
Depesh Mandalia:
@Antonio Bori not sure if quite weird but treating an ad account like day trading (I’ve done day trading in the past) has had a hugely positive impact and given me a huge advantage

The Value In Attending Conferences

Eoin Casey:
Great ad. Gets exactly to the bones of why affiliates pay the thousands in travel, hotels, and accommodation to attend a show. Applicable techniques unknown to the common marketer.
Depesh Mandalia:
Completely agree that’s why even as an old-time affiliate and seasoned Ecom/FB ads pro I still attend big events like this to pick up golden nuggets of knowledge and network

Key Features to Great Facebook Ads

Clydie Mandreza Catinggan:
Depesh Mandalia:
@Clydie Mandreza Catinggan head over to Bangkok for AWA and I’ll reveal ?
But the simplest way I can describe is a great product, passionate niche, clever marketing and great sales funnel.

How Many Accounts Should I Have When Running Facebook Ads?

Matthew Williams:
@Depesh Mandalia so you run your video engagement ads & test ads from one ad account to build up your audience and then your conversion ads from another – is that correct? And do you keep it all under the same facebook page or have separate for each?
Depesh Mandalia:
Hey @Matthew Williams
In the ‘olden days’ you could run multiple accounts as a backup and so running a holding account with the master pixel was fine and running ads for another.
Facebook changed the rules due to crash and burn advertisers (That would create hundreds of spare accounts) so that accounts with no activity over a certain amount of time would be blocked.
The only reason then to keep the ‘master’ account running with ads is to stop it getting blocked (even if the pixel is collecting data) so I would just use it on small spend to keep it active.
But I’d otherwise work engagement, audience building, scaling etc from a single account.
As for Pages I usually stick to one. I know general store drop shippers and some affiliates use multiple PAges more so to hide their ads (as you can spy on ads otherwise from the Page).
Matthew Williams:
@Depesh Mandalia gotcha. thanks for clarifying

Focus On Matching An Audience To A Product

Phil Louka:
Just starting out in an e-commerce clothing store – drop shipping, any advice to build a largely liked Facebook page, then my goal is to tackle actual sales from then on, say 50k>100k facebook pages for a fairly short-term goal. Facebook has changed so much, I don’t even know where to start anymore…
Depesh Mandalia:
@Phil Louka forget growing a page following unless you plan to do organic promotion only.
Instead, focus on product market fit. That is, matching an audience to a product. The more passionate the easier the sell. But having a decent product with a wow factor, something to help out stand out goes a long way.
And go deeper into the emotional side. Sell a lifestyle not a piece of apparel. Make them want to feel something after buying your product.
Phil Louka:
@Depesh Mandalia so it’s more efficient to find a target audience and a product to match then pay for advertising and tweak the marketing plan to maximise ROI. Speculate to accumulate.
Do you think I can make this work with a clothing site? Do you do that kind of thing or do you just find affiliate marketing > promoting high cpa products to sell and push marketing (fb ads) to your market audience?
Depesh Mandalia:
@Phil Louka I haven’t done much affiliate marketing the past few years after starting an agency. Most of my time is working on client accounts and I do more of the radical or high-risk testing on my own accounts.
Yes of course clothing can work with ads.
Phil Louka:
Thank you, just wish I could get something that can generate decent income like that.

Meet Depesh At AWA18

Nifal Adam:
Will you autograph my notebook in AWA? ?
Depesh Mandalia:
@Nifal Adam haha awesome never been asked that before sure.