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As the head of growth for Right Hook Digital, Dee Deng loves video and it’s something that they utilise a lot on both their Facebook page and to fuel their ad content for client acquisition. ?

Dee was a speaker at Affiliate World Asia 2018 last 5-6 December in Bangkok, Thailand and gave away Right Hook’s entire agency funnel. ⚠️ If you missed it, stay tuned and subscribe to AWC’s YouTube channel, where his presentation will be released in the coming weeks.

? WATCH: Dee breaks down his TOP THREE tips for creating edu-tainment ads. ?

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[SNEAK PEAK] Dee Deng's Edu-tainment Ads that convert like crazySee Dee at AWA18 on 5th December >> #1: Capture your audience within the first 6 Dee Deng is giving his FULL agency funnel at AWA!Tip #2: Entertaine.g. Be dynamic and engaging like Dee in his video below ?Tip #3: Add PURE Valuee.g. Dee Deng has offered his valuable time to answer YOUR questions below. Ask away in the comments. ?See you in Bangkok ?

Posted by Affiliate World Conferences on Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tip #1: Time is $$$. ⏳?

You are on borrowed time. Every time that I am on camera, I understand that I am stealing time from you because you could be doing something else. So I’m always thinking of those types of chunks, I’m always trying to pull you in with 6️⃣ second intervals. Think about it that way.

So the first 6 seconds, can I pull you in? And then the next 6 seconds, what reasons am I going to give you to stick around? And then the next 6 seconds after that. It could be really exhausting but that’s what it takes and that’s why I move my hands so much and that’s why I try to speak dynamically as much as possible. ?

Tip #2: Entertain! ?

There is a bit of entertainment that you’ve got to weave in there so that you can pull people in and deliver the value or the call-to-action that you want to deliver at the very end. So what that means is you’ve got to let your personality shine. Be as dynamic as you can, but also keep in mind that you want people to feel something. ?⚡

Whether that’s an affinity towards you, you want to make them laugh a little bit, chuckle or even say something controversial. Whatever it might be, it’s so much better being able to make people feel something than try to stay in the middle, be vanilla, and play it safe.

Tip #3: Give ACTUAL value! ??

Don’t waffle on and then try to tell this really bland story that has no point. You want to be able to talk about the benefit that they can have or talk about the pain they can avoid and then deliver the tips to get that benefit or deliver the tips to avoid that pain.

At the end of the whole thing you can close it off with a call-to-action and make sure that it’s really clear one like, “Leave a comment down below, if you want to ask me any more questions” or anything of that nature but you want to make sure that you’re driving people to that value and then to that action that you want them to take.

Give people the type of value that they’re expecting, that you want them to be receiving from you as the authority, as the person that you want to build rapport with, and that they want to build a rapport with you. ?

We asked the AWC community if they had any questions for Dee about creating edu-tainment ads and some awesome exchanges took place.

Dee Deng Ask Me Anything

Dee Deng:
Got questions? I’m here to answer all of them in this thread… Let’s Gooooooooo!

Quick Fire Questions

Lilah Segal:
Hi @Dee Deng I have a couple of questions if that’s ok 🙂

1. How do you separate the budget? How much do you allocate for the videos and for the other campaigns?

2. Do you use VV campaign for the videos or a WC > LEAD ?

3. Sense it’s probably hard to get 50 leads per adset per week ( Agency leads ) are you doing a reach campaign? or a WC campaign and optimise for impressions?

4. Do you do a video sequence ( for example first show people video #1 and then #2 , etc ) or just put all the videos in a single adset and let it run?

5. What’s your advice for someone that has experience with Facebook ads but mostly lead generation and now he wants to get Ecom clients?

How do you suggest him to get this first 2 clients?

Dee Deng:
@Lilah Segal awesome questions!1. Depends on our objective at the time (it’s not always immediately direct response). For example, when we’re looking to build more trust and authority while increasing the quality of the prospect: then more weightage to TOF edutainment videos. If we wanna ramp up acquisition, then more on the MOF/BOF side.

2. VV at TOF usually to build audiences.

3. It’s not about quantity for us, but quality. Don’t optimize for impressions unless you want absolute sh*t leads.

4. Sequence for sure! But don’t over-engineer it. Just get going even if you have 2 videos to start!

5. My advice is: if you specialize in Lead Gen, what’s the reason you want eComm clients then? Cuz it’s a totally different market

Recommended Microphone For Recording

Daryl Mander:
@Dee Deng one thing I am told about making video ads for FB is that the only proper equipment you need, other than your smart phone which is more than enough for the camera apparently, is a decent mic set up. Can you recommend which mic I should buy for shooting this kind of video?
Dee Deng:
Hey @Daryl, I just use a Rode SmartLav+. Under $100

Training Videos

Habibah DH:
I enjoyed watching do you have any training @DeeDeng
Dee Deng:
@Habibah DH in the works!

Video Editing Software

Matthew Williams:
Hey @Dee can you recommend any software for affiliates to use to make types of vids easily?
Dee Deng:
@Matthew Williams I use Adobe Premiere. But honestly – it’s more about the way you deliver your sh*t rather than the software. Or like we say: Can’t Edit A Turd. ??

WATCH: Dee Deng at AWasia 2018

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