AWD24 Speaker, Andrew Silberstein

Andrew Silberstein

Founder & CEO, SolaWave


Andrew is the CEO and founder of Solawave. He has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, spanning the intersection of marketing, commerce, beauty, and entertainment. After 5 years developing ecommerce and social media solutions for musicians such as Rihanna and Ne-Yo, Andrew developed an online music discovery platform named Boomrat, which sold to Live Nation Entertainment in 2014. After leaving the entertainment world, he transitioned to the wellness industry, where he developed several patented products and launched a beauty tool business. Solawave is his most recent endeavor, having launched in 2020. At Solawave, Andrew has combined his passions for skincare technology and direct response advertising to launch patented, effective at-home skincare solutions that are accessible for everyone. In 2022 the brand went on to be recognized with awards from incredible outlets like Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan just to name a few. Andrew is an alumnus of USC, graduating with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship.