Ella Mak AWE 17

Ella Mak

Head of Affiliate Management Department, AdCombo
Spoke at: AW Europe 2017


Passionate with foreign languages and cultures, Ella has always been a person of the world. Higher education from three countries (Russia, USA, Japan) with absolutely different mentalities brought her understanding on how vital localisation is in internet marketing.

She started doing business by localising content for companies like Aeroflot, Hyundai, LG, Purina which led to the successful launch of international campaigns in Japan, South Korea and China. Then, she became the CEO of startup localisation service 99wwords. It grew quickly from a small team of 10 to a company with 200+ native speaking translators and localisation projects in over 40 languages.

Now as a Business Development Manager for AdCombo, Ella has managed to connect her two favourite spheres: localisation and internet marketing.