AWA23 Speaker, Jason Leung

Jason Leung

Director, Global Partnerships, Shoplazza


Jason has extensive experience in Digital/Technology, APAC-centric digital infrastructure, digital transformation, and startups. Know a wide range of business environments from newly established startups to global platforms. Work as a key bridge between executives and cross-functional teams, specialist in data-driven strategy.

Jason provides a strong cross of technical depth and business acumen. Will always consider the business implications of technological decisions. Self-motivated worker with the proven ability to meet project deadlines. Exceptional ability to work both in a team and individually. will take the initiative to provide leadership when appropriate. Passionate about AI, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Edu-Tech & Martech.

Prior to this role, Jason had taken up technical consultant/sales lead positions at Microsoft in the enterprise search engine industry in particular, drive thought leadership and C-level engagement.