Jenia "Jay" Yakovlev AWA 17

Jenia “Jay” Yakovlev

Co-founder, Ecommerce on Steroids
Spoke at: AW Asia 2017


Just over one year ago, Jenia “Jay” Yakovlev didn’t have an online dollar to his name. Through a friend’s recommendation to enter ecommerce, he did so and has built multiple successful ecommerce stores, along with coaching others to earn over $100K in online sales from their own ecommerce stores.

What’s unique to Jay is that he had made every mistake in the book getting profitable, but one of the first things he did once he was in the green was share with the community his pitfalls along with routes of success to making a living online. What he plans to cover is some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned along the way that helped him from practically living on the streets to living a comfortable life abroad.