AWD24 Speaker, Marisha Lakhiani

Marisha Lakhiani

Chief Growth Officer, Mindvalley


Marisha Lakhiani is a marketing maven with an exceptional track record of transforming businesses and driving exponential growth. With a unique blend of art, science, and technology, she has mastered the art of crafting cutting-edge marketing solutions that deliver outstanding results on autopilot. She currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer at Mindvalley and is the driving force behind a staggering $150 million in revenue. Her expertise spans across all key marketing functions, from product launches and memberships to localization, performance marketing, and content strategy. With her strategic vision, she has successfully led the company’s transition to a subscription model, implemented an effective retention strategy, spearheaded community tech initiatives, and revolutionized acquisition models to reduce customer acquisition costs. As an esteemed advisor, captivating speaker, and trusted consultant, Marisha’s passion for scaling businesses and driving innovation knows no bounds.