AWD23 Speaker, Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner

Founder & CEO, Simpleology


Mark Joyner is the founder of 30+ startups and currently serves as the founder and CEO of Simpleology. He’s also the author of over a dozen books in print in 25 languages, 4 of which were #1 bestsellers, many of which are used as university text books around the world.

Mark is universally recognized as “the father of digital marketing” for his pioneering role in the early days of online marketing.

He started the first ebook publishing company 10 years before the Kindle, launched the first online ad tracking company, started a pay-per-click search engine while the Google boys were still in college, invented the tracking pixel while Mark Zuckerberg was in elementary school, and many other online marketing technologies and techniques used by everyone around the world today.

One of Mark’s startups, Startblaze, shot to the #36 most-visited site on the planet within 6 weeks of launching – on a zero dollar ad budget.