AWD22 Speaker, Mathias Eriksson

Mathias Eriksson

Brand & Marketing Director, Juni


Mathias heads up marketing as the Brand & Marketing Director at Juni — the financial companion for ecommerce. Mathias is an anthropologist and journalist by training, internationally awarded leader and creative, and has spent 15+ years as an entrepreneur in the advertising, media, and tech space. He has spent the last five years in deep tech and digital transformation, first as a founding team member of AI-platform Adverai building the Metaunderstanding of Marketing, and before joining Juni, helping outdoor shoe brand Icebug transform to a consumer company building out their growth and direct to consumer operations. Mathias’ perspective is in equal parts data & culture, art & science, and that is what makes marketing magical.

Mathias is an appreciated public speaker and occasionally shares his insights on his blog. Born in the forests of Småland, now based in Gothenburg & Stockholm, Sweden, with an affinity for, and the second hometown in, Tokyo. Proud father and husband.