Peter Zou AWA 16

Peter Zou

Founder & CEO, Yeahmobi
Spoke at: AW Asia 2016


Peter Zou is one of the founders and current CEO of Yeahmobi. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in the University of Science and Technology Beijing where he majored in Industrial Engineering and then obtained a professional Master’s degree in the University of Arizona in the USA.

During his studies abroad, Peter started a business specialised in mobile marketing and earned his first bucket of gold. In 2011, he came back to China and co-founded the overseas mobile marketing company Yeahmobi with several partners. Now, the company has become China’s largest overseas mobile marketing service provider and has enjoyed an annual growth rate of over 500%.

Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit: “The most pleasant thing in the world is fighting for the noble dream”. To realise his dream, he hopes to establish a connection in China to bring China’s outstanding products, core technology, leading commercial models and services to the world, and let users worldwide enjoy the achievements and value brought by mobile internet right the first time.