Rishan Bhagowat AWA 17

Rishan Bhagowat

Founder, Milky Way Media


Rishan has been active in the affiliate marketing industry since 2013 and currently runs his business from Amsterdam. His life pre-affiliate marketing was rather different.

Being passionate about mathematics and statistics, he graduated in Actuarial Science and worked as an actuary for two years followed by a career as a professional poker player and setting up a digital publishing company.

His love for general problem solving and his strong desire for a new challenge led him to founding Milky Way Media, an online advertising agency specialising in performance-based advertising in the health and beauty industry.

The company has been successful since day one and currently employs nine people across three continents. Together, they have been able to weather the challenges of performance-based advertising and stay at the forefront of the industry by building strong relationships and taking advantage of big data analysis to drive innovation.