Tan Brothers AWE 18

Tan Brothers

Founders, eCommerce Elites Mastermind


The Tan Brothers are Singapore’s most famous ecommerce celebrities that many Shopify business owners in Singapore and around the world know. Famous for scaling business, with horrific sales figures ($360,000/day, $2,600,000/month), the two brothers are some of the most recognised names in the space.

Founders of the eCommerce Elites Mastermind community with more than 22,000 members from around the world, it is where they share strategies and knowledge to scaling from 0 to 5-6-7 digits a month.

Steve Tan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce and digital marketing. He started his internet marketing journey in 2005 and found his passion for selling physical products on eBay, which then moved on to selling on his own e-commerce platforms in 2008.

He has since partnered with his brother Evan Tan and built their e-commerce empire to multiple 8 figures per year. Besides their e-commerce business, the Tan Brothers also have a 35,000-big Facebook group, eCommerce Elites Mastermind, where they share golden nuggets on e-commerce, scaling Facebook ads and much more.

They have also coached thousands of students around the world and continue sharing their knowledge in events, masterminds and their Facebook group.