Tom Breeze AWE 19

Tom Breeze

CEO, Viewability
Spoke at: AW Europe 2019


Building on nearly a decade of experience with online advertising, Tom knew that YouTube was a platform he needed to crack. He knew that while everyone was focusing on figuring out Facebook, there was just as big of opportunity floating in a massive blue ocean.

Fast-forward five years and he’s built a performance marketing agency based on YouTube ads with an impressive client list of international, personal, and corporate brands. Viewability has established itself shoulder-to-shoulder with titans in video, differentiating itself with a “Pay For Results” model. Tom personally oversees over $100k/day in ad spend. With a masters in psychology, he simply enjoys crafting custom, unique journeys through video that capture and convert audiences. You might also know Tom’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” method that’s getting global recognition from lead generation affiliates running on YouTube.