Tracy Atieh AWA 18

Tracy Atieh

COO, Mediaburn
Spoke at: AW Asia 2018


Tracy Atieh’s experience in online marketing began at EvoLeads, a Montreal-based affiliate network, where she grew into a managerial role as network director. Her instinct to discover and strategise marketing breakthroughs and trends, as well as personable communication skills with an international flair gave her the skillset to help launch Media Burn, a performance-based agency specialising in e-commerce and influencer match-ups.

Today, with the senior title COO, she manages her dream team at Media Burn with a strong ethos for women seizing professional opportunities with gusto and thriving towards success in the workplace. With female empowerment acting as her strongest motivator, Tracy’s perspective on female professionals in male-dominated industries strengthen, as does her belief that women have to work harder to summit a senior position in today’s market.