AWA22 Speaker, Valentin Savchenko

Valentin Savchenko

Co-Founder & CMO, WinWin Solutions


Valentin is the co-founder of WinWin Solutions, one of the largest TikTok reseller agencies in Europe, managing tens of millions of dollars of client budgets, and training and on-boarding over one-hundred digital marketing agencies to the TikTok ads platform. A proud father of three, Valentin has had a rather diverse background professionally: The former face of Dolce & Gabbana, a whitehat crypto-ad expert for ad whitelisting through Facebook, Google and TikTok, and a regular guest speaker at global performance marketing events. He’s been mentioned positively by Entrepreneur.com, ArcticStartup, and other business magazines.For the past thirteen years, Valentine has been working in performance digital marketing, and performed over one-thousand online training sessions for PPC professionals. Currently, he’s actively investing into startups seeking to build TikTok API-based solutions