At Affiliate World Asia 2018, we interviewed Matecj Cechvala, also known as Matuloo on the STM Forum. One of the diamond sponsors of the show, STM Forum is the most reputable affiliate marketing online community, where affiliate marketers of all experience levels, affiliate network representatives, offer/product owners, and traffic providers come together. ?

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#AWasia interview with diamond sponsor, STM Forum ?

#AWasia interview with Matej Cechvala aka Matuloo from STM Forum, a diamond sponsor at the show. ?STM Forum is the most reputable affiliate marketing online community, where affiliate marketers of all experience levels, affiliate network representatives, offer/product owners, and traffic providers come together.?? Learn more about them ➡️

Posted by Affiliate World Conferences on Thursday, December 13, 2018

AWasia Interview with Matej Cechvala aka Matuloo, from STM Forum

What Makes STM Stand Out

?️ With FB communities and groups popping up by the dozens daily, how does STM position itself to stand out as a paid membership community?
Matej Cechvala:
It’s true that there are many communities on Facebook, basically on many other social media platforms but what I believe is it’s not about the platform, it’s about the people. So yes you can create a community on Facebook, get some people on it but the question is will the people be returning? Will they be sharing valuable information? Or will it just be an attempt that’s just going to fail?

So the question is, do you want to get answers from people in a new community or from a more established community such as STM, which has been running for many years. In my opinion, the answer is quite clear.

And I said it’s not about the platform but in a way, it is, because FB groups to me, are really hard to navigate, it’s hard for me to find something that’s been posted a while ago. While at discussion forums, such as STM, has a structure. There are sections that you know, you’ve seen some content posted somewhere so you know you can go back there and find it quite easily.

And STM Nation — STM is a paid forum, which I believe is another advantage in a way, because it keeps people who are not relevant, time-wasters, and the like, away from the forum. So that’s another great thing about the forum, I would say.

What To Focus on in 2019

?️ What are some of the areas you would tell an affiliate entering the space in 2019 to focus on?
Matej Cechvala:
When you speak about affiliates just entering the space in the next year, I assume they will be new people. So usually we would recommend people to start with pop traffic, but that’s kind of changing these days but we have a new format that’s gaining ground, which is called push notifications, which in my opinion is a good choice for a new person who just wants to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

And then obviously some kind of trends to follow, which is ecommerce, which is still quite big. Facebook is big, that’s not going anywhere, so whoever can learn how to make money with Facebook is set for the future for many years to come. So that’s also a good choice.

I would tell people to not just be active in affiliate marketing and running campaigns but also think about how to make a real business, how to build something, so the knowledge people can get with affiliate marketing is applicable to so many areas. Learn how to work with traffic, learn the tricks that come with affiliate marketing, and apply it to a business and grow it.

What Are The Most Valuable Elements in STM

?️Which elements are the most valuable for a member of STM, is it the support, the following alongs, what do most members find the most useful?
Matej Cechvala:
That’s a good question, I think there’s no “one fits all” answer for this, it depends on the experience level of an affiliate. So for the new people, the advice they can get from the other members or from the moderators, the fact that they can browse the follow-alongs of others, and see how they did on their journey in affiliate marketing and learned from their mistakes. So that’s probably the most important thing for the new people.

But for experienced affiliates, they don’t need that much advice from us anymore, but they still come back to the forum to stay in touch within the industry, to talk to other people, to network. So yeah, it depends on the level. I think there’s something for everyone.