When Eric Siu talks about marketing, you should listen. We did.

Eric dropped some galaxy-brain-level secrets at a recent Affiliate World event. He broke down the building blocks that he used to construct an affiliate site that draws 20 million annual visits and $3 million in profit.

Fortunately, we recorded the whole thing, and we’ve unpacked it all below. 👇

1. Generate Traffic With Content Refreshes

The overwhelming majority of traffic on Eric’s site – 95% or so – comes from SEO. If you’re trying to build a website that derives profit from traffic, you might think you must produce dozens of articles daily.

You don’t.

Eric’s site only publishes 11 articles a week. More importantly, only about half of those articles represent new content – the rest are refreshes of existing, high-traffic articles.

This model has also been proven by market authorities like HubSpot, which hires full-time staffers whose only responsibility is updating content. This is a much more efficient way to maintain quality, authority, and a consistent publishing schedule.

2. Shift Your Focus to Organic Reach

Organic reach is a strong strategy to get attention without spending much money on paid advertising.

To build your organic reach, focus on content assets like podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels in addition to SEO. Cross-promote new content and engage with others in your space to expand your reach and build your community of like-minded people.

Organic Reach

3. Build The Right Team

The team for Eric’s 20-million-visit site only includes five people:

  • Editor in chief
  • Content/copy editor
  • Chief content producer/strategist
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

This is where owners and leaders need a mindset shift. Instead of thinking about how to do something, focus on who you can hire. With this mindset, you can build leverage and scale your business to whatever level you desire.

So how do you find the right people? Websites like MarketerHire and Upwork can be great for building a team, but…

4. Start Small With Contractor Work

When you work with contractors, start small. Ask them to make one video or piece of content first.

If that piece of content turns out well, you can start working with them on a larger scale. This can help you start scaling without spending too much on content creation in the early stages.

5. Broaden Your Horizons

The days of putting all of your eggs into one advertising basket are over. You can’t focus on just one channel today and expect sustained success.

The best option is to broaden your horizons and test the possibilities of new channels. Media buyers are placing ads on platforms like Lyft, Uber, Walmart, and Spotify’s ad network. Look for the places your audience is already in, and explore new avenues for reaching them there.