In a world where AI and Big Tech keep gaining power and influence, how can affiliates and marketers expect to compete, much less succeed?

Mark Joyner ( Author & Founder, Simpleology) recommends integration marketing (which also happens to be the title of one of his books).

In a recent Affiliate World speech, he explained how 3 simple integrations are making ClickFunnels more money than an ad budget that is spending $2 million every month, and how marketers can leverage similar opportunities for their own offers.

📜 3 Ways to Flip the Script with Integration Marketing

Integration 1️⃣: Thank You Pages and Follow-Up Emails

In the early days of digital marketing, the “Thank You” page was just a way to show that the transaction was complete and the buyer could move on.

What marketers should do now is put a new offer – either an upsell or a related offer based on consumer behavior on the “Thank You” page itself rather than wait for the sales cycle to start again from scratch.

It costs 10x more to acquire a new customer than retain one. The Thank You page is a perfect place to re-engage someone who just bought something. Follow-up emails operate on the same principle.

Integration 2️⃣: Free Template Giveaways

ClickFunnels uses a simple lead magnet – a free funnel template if you opt-in to a free trial of ClickFunnels.

This value-driven offer (“get something for free and something ELSE for free”) continues to bring in 1000s of free trials for ClickFunnels every month, even though the campaign was initially launched years ago.

Integration 3️⃣: “Built By ClickFunnels” Widget

A simple clickable button that links back to a free trial is integrated into every ClickFunnels widget, which appears on any third-party website that chooses to engage with the platform.

This little button is bringing millions in additional revenue into ClickFunnel every single month.

Each of these integrations is linked by a core concept – they introduce a unit of marketing value within an existing interaction, like a transaction or a traffic stream.

In a way, these offers are like instant remarketing – you’re selling to someone who you know is primed to take action because they just did, and they’re still in the thrall of that original dopamine hit.

Affiliates must focus on finding unique ways to stand out from competitors who have larger budgets or more resources. Think outside the box and try different strategies that your competitors might be sleeping on.