“Affiliate World Conferences became the icebreaker that I was waiting for after two long years” – Forbes.

After 2 long years of pandemic-induced cancellations, Affiliates were starved for real-life connections and deal-making in the marketplace.

Affiliate World came roaring back bigger than ever before with a record-shattering 6,648 attendees traveling to Dubai for this historic gathering.

There were plenty of laughs (and maybe even a few tears) spotted as the entire Affiliate industry gathered to share how the industry had survived. Even thrived during these tough times.

Even Forbes claimed the 2-day event was an eye-opener that showcased the evolution of Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing during Covid-19.

Here are the reasons why AW Dubai is a must-attend conference:

World-Class Marketplace

Nothing beats talking to fellow Affiliates in person. Affiliate World’s unmatched marketplace is the perfect venue for top-notch networking. As Van Oakes put it, “Affiliate World always has the best vibe. Everybody’s super lively. Networking is amazing. Everything’s great about it.”

Over 200+ advertisers (Exness, 1Market, Acom DGTL), networks (Algo-Affiliates, HugeOffers, Koala Ads), traffic sources (ActiveRevenue, Mondiad, RTX Platform), agencies (MGA Team, AdCommunal, Adromeda), and service providers (Empire Flippers, Thrasio, Monneo) showed up giving attendees plenty of opportunities to secure exclusive offers.

Mastermind-Level Content

The Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce landscape has changed drastically over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. Our expert speakers are the biggest assets to get ahead of industry changes. Plus, learning from people IRL offers you the chance to make a connection that no Zoom meeting can compete with.

Affiliate World offered over 20 hours of expert-level content across two stages, presented by the industry’s most elite performers. Some of the big names who took the stage include Mark Joyner (invented the tracking pixel), Jason Akatiff (CEO of well-establish Performance Network A4D ), and Aline Couto (bootstrapped 4 $MM companies).

Supercharged Networking Events

Attendees got to experience four niche-focused, hour-long mixers on Facebook Ads, Ecommerce, Lead Gen, and STM. They got the opportunity to network with influential speakers and fellow Affiliates.

Each conference day was capped off with a Beer Garden Happy Hour where attendees got to connect in a more casual setting.

The networking continued well into the night featuring a wide selection of events and parties catered to all tastes. One notable event is the Sundown Sessions at Surf Club where attendees came for drinks, met with industry friends, and made new ones. The highlight: secrets were spilled left and right as the cocktails flowed.

Dubai Open and Ready For Business (and Pleasure)

Dubai has the highest vaccination rate in the world, with over 99% of the population receiving at least 1 dose. This made the city a safe mecca for attendees who want to up their skills through Affiliate World and enjoy a huge variety of experiences, and world-class amenities Dubai has to offer.

We got to experience Dubai Expo 2020, explore the Arabian Desert on buggies, see the iconic Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Palm, and the one and only Jumeirah Hotel, and enjoy Dubai’s vibrant nightlife scene.

From getting mentored by the top leaders on the planet to networking with fellow Affiliates, Affiliate World Dubai was the event of the season providing everything you need to level up your game under one roof.

Were you there? Congrats!

And if you didn’t attend, sorry but you missed out big time.