TikTok Ads are still new, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a right way and a wrong way to do things.

WinWin Solutions co-founder & CMO Valentin Savchenko has been running campaigns on the platform long enough to see where most affiliates go wrong.

He explained how to avoid these traps in a recent Affiliate World speech – and shared some exclusive TikTok Ads features that marketers will get access to soon. 🤫

5 Costly TikTok Ads Traps Affiliates Can Avoid

1️⃣ Read the TikTok Ads policy

It might seem basic, but TikTok Ads are different from Facebook and Google, and different rules apply to specific industries and niche products.

Don’t get banned before you even start because you forgot to check the rulebook.

2️⃣ Get a pre-review

Have the TikTok Ads Policy team pre-review your ad creative, landing page, and geo-targeting.

TikTok will process these requests if you have a managed account, and a review is the best way to ensure compliance and get reinstated quickly if the algorithm bans a campaign.


3️⃣ Verify your seller details

Like any platform, TikTok wants to know that your ads link to an authentic offer. As a seller, you need contact information and company details like a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and all of that back-end infrastructure in place when you launch your ads.

If you don’t have that, your ads will be out of compliance, and you’ll be in for a rough ride.

4️⃣ Don’t offer free stuff for personal data

TikTok doesn’t like lead magnets in ads or lead generation offers on landing pages.

The platform does have a built-in lead generation form that brands can use, but don’t make this the focus of your campaigns.

5️⃣ Make sure your ads and landing page creative match

If you’ve run campaigns on other platforms, you know that the product images and offer in your ads need to match up with what’s on your landing page.

If they don’t, your campaign will be banned. In this case, TikTok Ads are no different from Facebook, Google, or any other major platform.

Secret Features to Spike Conversions

As a TikTok Ads insider, Valentin has the inside scoop on new features that affiliates can use to leverage TikTok more effectively.

One such opportunity is the addition of TikTok Ads to growing markets like Uruguay and Ecuador, which have less competition in the ad space:

new markets

Landing Page View (LPV) is a new optimization goal that TikTok Ads offers as a campaign objective. Choosing this objective tells the algorithm to find users who are more likely to click on an ad and go to your website, which will drive higher-quality traffic.

TikTok has also added offsite pixel tracking to support Reach, Video, View, Traffic, and Lead Gen objectives.

Advertisers can track ROAS and other performance metrics to get a clearer picture of their ad spend’s value.

Smarter and simplified Video Shopping Ads, which are currently in a closed beta test, are also coming soon.


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