Dubai Welcomes Vaccinated Travelers From Around the Globe

Dubai has long since been a hotspot destination for tourism and business alike. People from all over the world either live or collaborate with the country in some form. In fact, almost 89% of the resident population is made of ex-pats.  Of that percentage, 27.49% is held by Indians, 12.69% by Pakistanis, and the rest belongs to Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, and other countries.

So when the UAE recently announced that Dubai is open for all people who’ve been vaccinated by one of the WHO-approved shots for COVID-19, it was a huge source of relief for many. International travelers can visit with no restrictions if they’re able to show proof of vaccination, Affiliate World Global: Dubai ticket holders included.

The decision to open Dubai travel not only boosts the country’s tourism but also offers an amazing opportunity for economic growth for those who wish to travel to the nation. Though Dubai has previously restricted travel from certain countries, including India and Pakistan, in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19, it has now lifted all such restrictions from all countries. Travelers flying from any country can now enter Dubai and perform all routine activities without any inconvenience.

As of today, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinopharm, and Sinovac are the vaccines that have been approved by WHO.

Is Dubai Safe For Travel?

It’s normal to have reservations about traveling amidst the pandemic. But rest assured, Dubai is one of the safest destinations there is. According to the current demographics by Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker, UAE proudly achieves the status of having the #1 most vaccinated rate in the world. To be more specific, Dubai has administered enough vaccinations to cover 85.6% of its population.

Furthermore, the nation tests a bigger percentage of its population than most other nations and has a reputation for one of the lowest fatalities in the world. There has been a steady drop in the number of cases as a result of the country’s ceaseless efforts.

All the above statistics highlight the fact that Dubai is committed to the safety of its citizens and visitors alike. With the decision to reopen travel, the nation has strengthened its forces against COVID-19 even more to ensure the utmost safety of all travelers.


Looking Forward To Seeing You!

With the reopening of Dubai, we’re confident that Affiliate World will be able to host a safe and epic event for all those attending. The safety of our guests is our no. 1 priority, for which we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that the event takes place safely.

So if you’ve been contemplating if Dubai is safe for travel, we know you’ll have a pleasant and safe experience throughout the duration of your stay. Furthermore, being a part of Affiliate World is a huge opportunity to meet and explore new possibilities with the world’s leading marketers, entrepreneurs, and more.

We look forward to reuniting with our Super Affiliates at AW Dubai. Don’t miss it!