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  • Van Oakes
    Van Oakes

    Founder & CEO, Goat Media

  • Sarah Lamine
    Sarah Lamine

    Co-Founder & CEO, Convergen Agency

  • Jason Akatiff
    Jason Akatiff

    Founder & CEO, A4D Performance Network

  • Mirella Crespi
    Mirella Crespi

    Founder & CEO, Creative Milkshake

  • Kris Sugatan
    Kris Sugatan

    Founder & CEO, Sugatan

  • Sarah Levinger
    Sarah Levinger

    Consumer Behavior Analyst, SarahLevinger.co

  • Ali Moon
    Ali Moon

    CEO, DigiTechIO LLC

  • Anthony Sarandrea
    Anthony Sarandrea

    CEO, Pocket Your Dollars

  • Leonardo Caracas
    Leonardo Caracas

    Partner, Jump Ventures

  • Jon Lender
    Jon Lender

    President, Secco Squared

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  • Mark Joyner
    Mark Joyner

    Future of Digital Advertising & Tech

  • Jason Akatiff
    Jason Akatiff

    State of the Affiliate Marketing Industry

  • Aline Couto
    Aline Couto

    Ecommerce Track

  • Nick Shackelford
    Nick Shackelford

    Facebook Ads Track

  • John Hefter
    John Hefter

    Culture-Optimized Teams

  • Mirella Crespi
    Mirella Crespi

    Ecommerce Track

  • James Van Elswyk
    James Van Elswyk

    Team Scaling Systems

  • Anthony Sarandrea
    Anthony Sarandrea

    Lead Generation Track

  • Peter Kell
    Peter Kell

    Facebook Ads Track

  • Van Oakes
    Van Oakes

    SMS Remarketing Blueprint

  • Lazar Zepinic
    Lazar Zepinic

    Culture-Optimized Teams

  • Oksana Reutova
    Oksana Reutova

    Email: Acquisition & Retention

  • Paul Jey
    Paul Jey

    CEO, Synapse Media

  • Travis Chambers
    Travis Chambers

    Facebook Ads Track

  • Timotej Gračner
    Timotej Gračner

    Lead Generation Track

  • Phoenix Ha
    Phoenix Ha

    Facebook Ads Track

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    Affiliate SEO Case Study

  • Hassan Aanbar
    Hassan Aanbar

    Programmatic SEO Methods

  • Anna Gita
    Anna Gita

    Native Ads in 2022

  • Maor Benaim
    Maor Benaim

    Lead Generation Track

  • Samuel Xiveiro
    Samuel Xiveiro

    Microsoft Ads: Increasing Conversions & Commissions

  • Kian Golzari
    Kian Golzari

    Ecommerce Track

  • Nadim Kuttab
    Nadim Kuttab

    Native Ads Masterclass

  • Heath Wilcock
    Heath Wilcock

    Sales Page Copy & Frameworks

  • Ronnie Teja
    Ronnie Teja

    Fashion Accessories Founder & Ecom Expert

  • Howard Thai
    Howard Thai

    Former Top 50 Amazon Seller

  • Gregory Elfrink
    Gregory Elfrink

    Director of Marketing, Empire Flippers

  • Krish Kidao
    Krish Kidao

    Director India & SEA, Affise

  • Olivier Bourque
    Olivier Bourque

    VP Marketing & Business Development, CrakMedia

  • Haran Rosenzweig
    Haran Rosenzweig

    Director - Affiliate Sales, EMEA, Outbrain

  • Callum Kennelly
    Callum Kennelly

    Google Shopping Playbook

  • Dmitri Zotov
    Dmitri Zotov

    Founder & CTO, Affise

  • Philipp Schoeffmann
    Philipp Schoeffmann

    Creator, 1M/Y

  • Mathias Eriksson
    Mathias Eriksson

    Brand & Marketing Director, Juni

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Owner, Super Marketing Bros

  • Amit Dodeja
    Amit Dodeja

    VP, Growth Marketing, Thrasio


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