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  • Jason Akatiff
    Jason Akatiff

    Founder & CEO, A4D Performance Network

  • Dennis Yu
    Dennis Yu

    CEO, Your Content Factory

  • Alex Micol
    Alex Micol

    Founder & CEO, SCALERS

  • Mirella Crespi
    Mirella Crespi

    Founder & CEO, Creative Milkshake

  • Anastasiia Voloshyna
    Anastasiia Voloshyna

    Sales Team Lead, Pin-Up Partners

  • Marisha Lakhiani
    Marisha Lakhiani

    Chief Growth Officer, Mindvalley

  • Kris Sugatan
    Kris Sugatan

    Founder & CEO, Sugatan

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    CEO, John Lee Group Ltd.

  • David Stodolak
    David Stodolak

    CRO, Connection Holdings

  • Liss Graham
    Liss Graham

    President & CEO, LissT Management

  • Leonardo Caracas
    Leonardo Caracas

    Partner, Jump Ventures

  • Matthew Milnes
    Matthew Milnes

    Founder, Adfluential

  • Eric “Fullspeed” Dalius
    Eric “Fullspeed” Dalius

    Executive Chairman, TREC Global

  • Van Oakes
    Van Oakes

    Founder & CEO, Goat Media

  • Blake Hutchison
    Blake Hutchison

    Founder, Flippa

  • Sarah Lamine
    Sarah Lamine

    Co-Founder & CEO, Convergen Agency

  • Marcello Perazzani
    Marcello Perazzani

    Co-Founder & GM, LeadX-Pro

  • Nadim Kuttab
    Nadim Kuttab

    Co-Founder & CEO, XEVIO

  • Iman Benraoui
    Iman Benraoui

    Senior Business Development Manager, ShipOffers

  • Jon Lender
    Jon Lender

    President, Secco Squared

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    Affiliate Marketer

  • Carrie Rose
    Carrie Rose

    CEO, Rise at Seven

  • Marin Ištvanić
    Marin Ištvanić

    Head of Performance, Inspire

  • Daniel Chabert
    Daniel Chabert

    CEO, PurpleFire

  • Kasra Dash
    Kasra Dash

    Head of AI SEO, Director, Searcharoo

  • Maor Benaim
    Maor Benaim

    CEO, Wolf Marketing

  • Tyler Stephens
    Tyler Stephens

    Co-Founder & Visionary, VisCap

  • Amin Siala
    Amin Siala

    Senior Growth Consultant, Google

  • Giuseppe Buscema
    Giuseppe Buscema

    Head of Media Buying, Maverick Media

  • Aaron Paul
    Aaron Paul

    Co-Founder & CEO, Paul Street

  • Ali Moon
    Ali Moon

    CEO, DigiTechIO LLC

  • Arian Ghotbi
    Arian Ghotbi

    Founder, Cyrus Digital

  • Andrew Silberstein
    Andrew Silberstein

    Founder & CEO, SolaWave

  • Attila Odri
    Attila Odri

    CMO, i Am Corporation, Inc.

  • Hen Kinan
    Hen Kinan

    VP Business Development, SHINEz

  • Haran Rosenzweig
    Haran Rosenzweig

    VP Sales & Marketing, Ugify

  • Harnur Virk
    Harnur Virk

    CEO, Multiple Solutions LLC

  • Juhi Pikale
    Juhi Pikale

    Growth Consultant, Former VP, Performance Marketing, Fabletics

  • Philipp Schoeffmann
    Philipp Schoeffmann

    Founder, Rea.ls

  • Jelena Jeknic
    Jelena Jeknic

    Marketing Director, Performance Advertisers, Outbrain

  • Berk Cakar
    Berk Cakar

    Lead Media Buyer, Maverick Media

  • Swikrit Malik
    Swikrit Malik

    CEO, Adceptive Media

  • Jérémie Le Pévédic
    Jérémie Le Pévédic

    Director, immileads

  • Vipul Taneja
    Vipul Taneja

    CEO, Adsparkx

  • Shahzeb Feroz
    Shahzeb Feroz

    Principal Account Manager, Google

  • Andrey Kravchenko
    Andrey Kravchenko

    Co-Founder, Native Hub and Head of Business Development, Xevio

  • Cody Iverson
    Cody Iverson

    Co-Founder & CEO, VisCap

  • Matej Cechvala
    Matej Cechvala

    Veteran Affiliate & CPO, Affiliate World

  • Umar M
    Umar M

    Founder & CEO, Digitas Finance

  • Stepan Shakhnazarov
    Stepan Shakhnazarov

    Client Solutions Lead, TikTok

  • Elena Dumanskaya
    Elena Dumanskaya

    Agency partnerships lead, Bytedance

  • Arsenii Ivanov
    Arsenii Ivanov

    Client Partner, TikTok

  • Zack Franklin
    Zack Franklin

    Founder, SmartEcomSEO

  • Viktor Vallo
    Viktor Vallo

    CEO, New Money Worldwide


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